As we have only a couple months before we give Trump another four years in office, I think it behooves us to to examine exactly what the Democratic Socialists stand for (quit that laughing, I’m trying to be serious for a change).  And as people seem to be more swayed by pictures these days, I’ll forego the boring essay I’d planned to write and rather, try to encapsulate the Evil Party’s platform more succinctly.  Here’s what we face:

Your future President:

…and Vice-President / President (because if you think Biden would stay in office for longer than the car trip back from the Capitol steps to the White House, you’re delusional):

(Photo credit: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)


Gun laws:

Gun confiscation:

Gun usage:

Ammo purchasing:

And in short:

The Democratic Socialist government’s attitude towards the Armed Forces:

Law and Order:

Foreign Policy:

(Photo by John Stillwell/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Only with blowjobs for China, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran and the United Nations — just like Obama.

As I wrote a long, long time ago (updated for the current set of assholes), here’s the Democratic Socialist party’s plan for us:

  • High Taxes
  • Gun Control
  • State ownership of capital / nationalization of industry
  • Constitutional deconstructionism (that pesky “living document”)
  • Nanny government and oppressive regulation
  • A weak, impotent military
  • Inept foreign policy
  • Trial lawyers and liberal, activist judges
  • Socialism
  • Subservience to the United Nations
  • Socialized medical care
  • Labor unions (especially for public school teachers and government employees)
  • Racism (hiring- and college enrollment quotas)
  • Class / race warfare
  • Voter fraud
  • Lax immigration controls and amnesty for illegal aliens
  • Wealth envy and redistributionism
  • Hostility towards business, and the free market in general
  • Over-aggressive environmentalism
  • Support for failed social programs

Oh hell, I don’t know why I bother.  Just think of California on a national scale — i.e. with nowhere for us to go except to a foreign country — with the Golden Shower State’s regulations, pro-illegal immigration, anti-gun policies, etc.

I can’t wait to get to the polls in November.


  1. And don’t forget that they want TOTAL control of your children. They know how important it is to control everything about their schooling, entertainment, every minute spent online. They want nice obediant robot commies for the next generation.

  2. Given our current crop of generals and admirals, I support Byng-ing the lot. And I say that as a Commander USN (retired).

  3. You hit the nail on the head, Kim!

    BTW, as a REAL African-American, how do you feel about that Red-Dot Ho posing as one?

  4. You know, your list at the bottom of this piece reminded me of an old piece you did at your last blog. I believe it was called One Word, Two Meanings, or something similar, our Patria vs their Patria, IIRC. I can’t find it anywhere. Might you still have it? It’s worth putting up right now, methinks.



  5. I guess, except for Creepy Uncle Joe, have you noticed older, white males have almost COMPLETELY disappeared from the tube? (I’ve been watching the commercials on the Fox Channel show breaks.) No conspiracy in that, right? Couldn’t possibly be. Well, if this keeps up both the Southern Poverty Law Center and Snopes will have to start indicating the “They will not replace us” line has gone from racist and unreal, to a pretty needed and accurate battle cry!

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