When You Lose Insty

…or, to be more precise, when you get the mild-mannered and polite Professor Glenn Reynolds to launch into a wonderful rant:

And all the “public health” people complaining about this can go fuck yourselves. You squandered all your moral authority rushing to line up in favor of the Black Lives Matter protests because you valued politics more than health. Now nobody will listen to you, because you’re a joke. If people die because you squandered your credibility, that’s your fault. You’re not disgraces to your profession, you’ve made your profession a disgrace.

Couldn’t have put it better myself.  Our public health officials are either a bunch of timorous nannies, or else a bunch of ferocious control freaks.  (And yes, I could have embraced the healing power of “and”, to use another Insty-phrase.)


  1. Preaching to the choir. Common sense is anathema to the sheeple who dominate the discourse. Even more so among their sqealing media cheerleaders. We’re in the minority – a minority that’s getting smaller every day.

  2. What is the common phrase around here about how the word public modifies words like bathroom and transportation? Why should the word health be any different?

  3. Yeah, when I read what he told them to do I had to stop and double check who wrote that post. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen him use any profanity.

  4. The government told people they had to close their businesses so they did.
    The government told businesses they could only open for a few hours at reduced levels so they did.
    The government told everyone they had to wear a mask so they did.
    The government told everyone they had to stay six feet away from everyone else so they have.

    Let me ask you this. If the government told you to suck dick would you do that, too?

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