Girly Guns

A comment to an earlier post about sissy guns got me thinking about the above headline:

“I’m with Kim. I don’t understand what Sig is trying to do with this gun. It’s like when Kimber came out with the Bel Air Micro.”

I had never heard of the Kimber Bel Air, so I looked it up.  Great Vulcan’s bleeding hemorrhoids.

The only thing I like about this gun is the Novak sight setup.  I think I’ll buy Daughter one for her birthday, because it has to be better than the Taurus thing she’s carrying at the moment.

And she’s never going to get rid of her Buck Mark:

Just looking at all those girly guns makes my breasts start to grow…

I need to top up the old Testosterone Tank, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the range.


  1. New home of the not-too-distant future: his and hers walk-in closets, each with a separate shoe closet, and now with an additional closet just for their designer guns.

  2. We’ve had double walk-ins for decades, one less thing to argue about. I only keep one gun in mine, a Rem 870.

    I like the Kimber, looks like a 57′ chevy, but would never carry it in a holster. Sitting on a shelf in my office maybe. Like the Ruger too, again, shelf. And that Taurus. sigh Yeah, I like it too I suppose, as I like all guns, but I’m not sure what I’d do with it. As a defensive gun those short shirts are inaccurate and difficult to control. You really need to just push it up against someones rib cage and pull the trigger till it’s empty. It’s overall shape looks weerd.

  3. If the new colors get more people into the firearms culture then lets paint the rainbow.

    when I see them in gun cases for sale I just shake my head. When my wife says she likes them, I cry a little inside


  4. Taurus TCP 738 came in all-black as well. I have one in my pocket (in a pocket holster) right now, as I have had for the last 12 weeks, even sitting at home.

    It’s my transitional gun. First, I get used to carrying a gun at all times. Next, I’ll move up to a better gun. After that, an even better one. Probably P-64 next, then CZ82. Maybe eventually my VP9 or another as-yet-unpurchased 9mm like a Hellcat.

    Baby steps.

    It is definitely hard to shoot well, being an extremely light weight .380 with a blowback action and short sight radius.

    1. Blowback action is the actual problem you have with that gun. toss it and get that Kimber. It is a locked breach, and should be a pussycat to shoot. It’s a copy of the Colt Mustang, that Colt was too stupid, or embarrassed , to reissue. They had to stop production on it due to patent infringement. That patent is long expired.

      The difference between a blowback .380 and a locked breach is like night and day. NOT an exaggeration.

      1. I think the Sig P238 and P938 are near copies of the Mustang. I know the Mustang mags fit my P238. I’ve had no trouble with either one, both are surprisingly accurate. Two features of both I like are the fact that the slides on both can be racked with just thumb and one finger, a blessing for my arthritic hands, and that racking the slide can be done with safety on. I find that more to my liking than having to rack a 1911 to clear it with the safety off and cartridge in the chamber.

  5. When I see those brightly-colored pistols, I think about Googie architecture for some reason.

    1. If 2841 in your handle was your MOS, it was mine too. Ended up at Elmaco at Pendelton.

  6. I’d purchased a Ruger LC9 with an embossed stainless steel slide for my wife, thinking she’d like it. It looks somewhat like engraving. I like it, but she’d prefer something in a gawdawful color that nobody can pronounce the name of. As a matter of fact, she’d prefer to paint it herself, maybe glue on some beads…

  7. I have a GSG 1911-.22 with a pink cerakote (nicknamed it Pinky). Don’t judge, it was used and cheap and I was watching my money. Think the only reason I got it cheap was that the gun shop was trying to get rid of the damned thing and there were few takers. It now has two bigger brothers in 9 mm and .45 (Brain, and Bertha respectively*)

    * I name them to keep them straight when talking about them to my other friends. They think I am weird…

    1. I ran into a guy at the range who had a pink AR-15 with a My Little Pony motif.

      He lost a bet.

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