Why Not?

As police presence and power decreases (forced by, lest we forget, Democrat-controlled local governments), it seems only natural that people are saying, “Well, we did deputize the enforcement of laws and peacekeeping functions to government — but if they are unable or unwilling to perform those functions, we’re just gonna take that power back into our own hands.”


Violent Crime Explosion Forces Minneapolis Residents to Form Militias

Breitbart’s John Nolte, by the way, doesn’t think this is a Good Thing, and he gives a number of sound reasons why.  I, however, am not interested in ivory-tower discussions — I prefer to remain rooted in reality — so I think that even if Nolte is correct, it doesn’t matter.  The reality facing these people betrayed by their government is real, and it’s dangerous.  So I say:  go on, buy guns, learn how to use them, and do whatever you have to do to protect yourselves from the raving mob.  Right now, the BLM/Pantifas are actively behaving in ways that makes me think they’re looking for martyrs, and if a bunch of citizen militias help them achieve that goal, so much the better.  (I would love to see a situation where a militia group drops the hammer on some scumbag looters / rioters, and when the cops put in a belated appearance to try and arrest the shooters, the militia sticks to their guns, so to speak, and tells the cops to go pound sand.  Let government try to maintain its “monopoly on force” in the face of an armed and angry citizenry trying to protect themselves and each other.)  As the Z-man sourly puts it:

“Gun sales are booming, but the people buying the guns imagine themselves defending their life and property within a system of laws. What happens when they realize there is no system of laws?”

Interesting, but behind the curve.   More intriguing is what happens when the cops realize there is no longer a system of laws.  And Z-man talks about that too:

Social collapse comes when the majority stops accepting the legitimacy of the system and the authority of those in charge of it. The one result of the street rioters and their corporate and political sponsors is they may get what they want. The majority may stop accepting the legitimacy of the system. That silent minority may lose all faith in the system and the people running it. That would be us one step from the edge, when all respect for authority collapses and takes society with it.

That would be this scenario:

Yeah, I know:  it sounds like I’m promoting anarchy, doesn’t it?  Tell me that what’s going on right now in Portland, Seattle and Chicago isn’t already anarchy.  Only what it really is, as Z-man points out, is government-enabled (and even -supported) anarchy.  If the Left is so keen on anarchy, let’s give them the full flavor.

But just for the record, I’m damn glad that it’s Black people (and women) buying more guns.  Self-defense is a universal right, after all.


  1. i beg to differ.

    The people of Minneapolis were not betrayed, they got exactly what they voted for.

  2. What the Left fails to grasp is that they are not Bolsheviks; they are Mensheviks. The reaction to widespread Seattleizing will be a repressive regime that will make the treatment of the Branch Davidians seem like rescuing treed kittens.

  3. Freedom swings a double edged axe, rights, and responsibility. Everybody squawks about their rights but come up with every reason in the world to avoid the inherent responsibilities. You either have both or neither and it starts at an individual level. The illegal behavior of gov’t is chaos, the absence of gov’t is anarchy. Anarchy does not automatically mean chaos. In fact, anarchy is the way most of us live our lives everyday.

  4. My favorite local range is around 15 minutes from my house and in a poorer area. Every weekend it is packed with people getting their *spit* Hand Gun Qualification License *spit* which the democrats enacted to keep people from buying guns by putting up more hurdles. 90% of the people I see there every weekend are black, and I take the time to talk to them and always voice my steadfast encouragement for them getting armed and also encouraging them to speak up when the Democrats go to take more of their rights away next judicial session.

    Every time I have have had positive interactions.

  5. Yeah, the “Z Man”. I used to read him regularly until I started noticing that to him everything was the fault of “The Boomers”. It got tedious after awhile, so no thank you.

    1. More like “Buckley conservatives” or “Conservative Inc.”, but yeah. He does have a decent turn of phrase, albeit somewhat opaque.

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