Apparently some group of hard-done-by African-Americans (hard to tell which group, you need a scorecard nowadays) presented the list below to businesses in Louisville:

The proper response should be:

I think the Coalition Of White Players’ Armed Teams (COWPAT) should present the same demands for racial proportionality to the NBA and NFL.

Oh, and an FYI to the Angry Black Assholes in Louisville:  it’s not the local businesses who are destroying your community;  you and your little BLM-Pantifas are doing a great job of that all by yourselves.  And by the way:  fuck you and your “reparations” a.k.a “shakedowns”.

You’re not the only ones with guns.


  1. I don’t care if they waver or not:
    shake with a quivering motion.
    “the flame wavered in the draft”

    Go back to school, stay in school, learn to spell waiver because a bunch of non quivering people is not a bad thing but just learn to spell before you try to get a job.

    1. I went back and read their use of waver, perhaps that is correct and I might be wrong, it’s happen at least once before.

      1. A waiver is a document or an action giving up some right, in a contractual or legal situation. Waver is what a soldier might do if his courage falters.

        Of far more import is the meaning of #2. “Retail locations will include a minimum 23% inventory of Black retailers”.
        Ummm, Excuse me, but this has been an illegal practice since the American Civil War. Retailers have been prohibited from selling blacks, whether they might be considered “retailers” or “employees” since the Thirteenth Amendment outlawed this practice.
        If they are somehow addressing lessees in a shopping center, that is what they should say.
        Such ambiguities propagated in the pursuit of alleged beneficial diversity is better referred to as “The Lawyer Full Employment Protection Act.” Famously, lawyers can find ambiguity in the word “is”. There is no benefit to the general population in creating more ambiguity for lawyers to exploit.

        1. Well , they really don’t need to worry about wavering while the Black Community continues to be destroyed , they seem to be doing a reasonably effective job of destroying it all by themselves. Are they asking for additional help? I’m not sure what they wrote is what they intended to say. Just who is it that is burning and looting that part of town? Or maybe they are referring to the social programs that have incentivized single parent household and dependency? Words have meaning, but you have to use enough of them so you are not ambiguous.

          They’ve had 50 years and an open government checkbook, doesn’t seem like we’ve seen a good return on the “investment” that the Pols keep talking about.

  2. The problem is, nobody can actually run a business in an environment that looks like Fort Apache. It’s all well and good to say “shoot the bastards” but you can’t reasonably expect your employees to risk their lives for $12 an hour.

    So the real solution is not armed guards, rather it’s for Atlas to shrug: Specifically, close down the business and/or move it to the predominately white suburbs where law and order still obtains. Those employees who have the ability to do so can commute to the new location and as for those who are poor or without transportation – well, this is what the BLM folks want, right? So give it to them, good and hard.

    1. Which is where your militia comes in. You establish a perimeter and inspect potential customers, turning away those whose business you don’t want.

  3. …And the next time The Usual Suspects complain about how black communities are “food deserts” because there are no decent grocery stores (just “convenience stores” that sell overpriced and unhealthy crap) you can point to this list of “demands” as the reason why.

    Nobody is obligated to provide goods or services to another. Tell me how to run my business and my response will be to tell you to FOAD and I’ll move the business to a friendlier environment.

  4. Before I retired, I used to work the occasional job in downtown Louisville. There was a chicken restaurant nearby that was run by a black family. They had good food with great and friendly service, and I would patronize that restaurant whenever I could.

    So, does this list of demands include them? If it does, then they would have to replace three quarters of their employees.

  5. I ask again:
    * how is Black© determined?
    What if an individual has some Caucasian heritage?
    Or askanazi?
    Would the [full [unadulterated]] Blacks© segregate mulatto/mulatta folks for their ‘less than Black©’ percentages?

    Garsh… the possibilities are endless!


    I remain sceptical about DNA results.
    This re-enforces my opinion:
    “Twins get mystifying DNA results”
    Their parents are chinese; results for one twin claims she is Italian, the other is askanazi.

    Is evidence DNA testing the basis for many indictments?
    Thank you, alert and highly-skilled Federal Bureau Of Investigation bureaucrats!

  6. My family moved from East Tennessee to South Central Kentucky when I was in Junior High. I lived there until I graduated from high school and joined the Army. Rural Kentuckians view Louisville as a mid-sized Midwestern city located on the wrong side of the Ohio River. Or, as I heard once, “Eastern Kentucky and Western Kentucky are two unique and distinct cultures, united by a common hatred of the city of Louisville.

  7. I actually think paying reparations has an unexpected benefit. Then, when the Race Card gets played, the appropriate response would be, “Fuck you! You got paid.”

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