As the Left ramps up its little reindeer games, expect more of this kind of thing:

“As we’re walking down passing Fourth Street, a blue car just come swerving out into the middle of the street almost runs over a bunch of protesters and everybody around starts like smacking the car trying to get him to slow down,” the witness said.  “He pulls down his window and he fires three shots into the guy.  From point-blank.  No words no nothing.  And then rolls up his window and zooms off.”

I’m not saying this is a good thing — despite my Yosemite Sam online persona, I dread having to shoot someone again — but at some point, the “kill everybody” switch is going to be thrown by ordinary people, especially when these rioting thugs start blocking roads, stopping cars and trying to assault the drivers and passengers.

Used to be that peaceful protests were confined (by the police) to sidewalks, with lots of chanting, signs and so on.  Peaceful stuff.  But that police action seems to have gone by the board — whether by negligence or design I can’t say — and inevitably, as police presence diminishes, the thugs will become bolder and more violent as they get the impression that “We own the streets!”

So I blame city management for this — muzzling police has long been a hallmark of Leftist government — and if the winds have been sown, both rioters and their government backers can expect whirlwinds;  which will invite rioters to start carrying guns to these “peaceful protests”, and off we go on the hurricane of violence.

Which, by the way, is exactly what the Leftist nomenklatura wants to happen.


  1. When I was about 4 (1959) my Dad was holding my hand as we walked across a parking lot to a hardware store. A car was coming and my dad stopped to let it pass but I kept walking and he almost yanked my arm out of the socket. After the car passed he said, in a stark voice, “Stay away from them things, they’ll kill you.”, and we continued on. 61 years later I remember them words like yesterday.

    It’s kinda common sensical isn’t it? Big, heavy, moving things can ruin your day, so stay away from them. How retarded are these domestic terrorists that flaunt their absence of of this basic common sense?

    1. We have a saying in my family re pedestrian / automobile interactions: the pedestrian may have the right of way but physics doesn’t care.

  2. A little something missing here.
    The dude that got capped 3 times was carrying an AK47, He had approached the car pointing his rifle at the car, someone had fired 5 rounds at the same time, with no apparent affect. The driver of the car fired with 3 rounds with excellent results. The phone camera recording of the incident clearly has 5 rounds fired rapidly, then a pause and then 3 rounds.
    Don’t mess with Texas.

    1. Yeah, the first five were definitely rifle shots, the last three from a pistol.

        1. Well, since the actual quote is:

          “America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

          I’d say we are in “Claire Wolf” time. The question is when are we leaving that awkward stage.

          /pedantic mode

  3. Velocette already got there, but the “eyewitnesses” are all lying, and they are lying consistently, which is an important datapoint. The video puts the lie to their statements.

    Soyboy goes up, puts five rounds from an AK in the car. Driver puts three rounds into soyboy. That’s the whole story.

  4. Okay, I give up. What’s an “LVPO”?

    Acronyms! Sheesh! If you spell it out at least once then *everybody* knows what you are talking about. (Unless, of course, you’re just trying to show off.)

    1. When writing reports in the pre-internet days for some government agency which shall remain nameless, we had to spell out any point of interest that may have been contained in our official abbreviation list, and put the abbreviation in parens following the first use of that word; from then on abbreviation use was mandatory (Example: New York City (NYC)!).
      It’s a good habit to remember when using acronyms that may not be in general use.

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