5 Worst People In The News

…or, add this to the list of people I don’t want to see in the media, ever again, unless in an obituary.  The list isn’t ranked, for once, because I can’t decide which is actually the worst.

  • Mitt Romney, whose current disloyalty to his party makes me almost glad he lost to Obama
  • big-city Democrat mayors — no point in trying to rank them, they’re all equally dreadful
  • big-mouth Hollywood types (Alec Baldwin, Bette Midler, Alyssa Milano etc.)
  • Hillary Clinton;  you lost, you’re irrelevant and most people want you either dead or in prison orange
  • Johnny Depp and Amber Heard — you’re both as crazy as a sackful of cats tossed in a swimming pool, and if it were possible for both of you to lose, that’s how I’d vote.  Or I’d put the two of you in a weighted sack together and toss you into a swimming pool, come to think of it.


  1. Romney’s disloyalty has made it most unlikely that another Mormon will ever get the nomination again. That’s a pity because they are mostly decent people. They should excommunicate him for bringing disgrace on the LDS church. That would cause him more distress than anything I can think of and would serve to encourage the others.

  2. You’ve got no argument here, but I’d add more than a couple of others. Starting with Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, the list grows long.

  3. As far as treacherous little finks, I’d rate John Kasich ahead of Romney. At least Mitt hasn’t agreed to speak at the Democratic Convention. (yet)

  4. The ongoing saga of did they or didn’t they: Will Smith and Jada whatever. Kanye and the entire mudshark klan. That shit is like a train wreck where one train is carrying nuclear waste, and the other is carrying sulfuric acid and nitroglycerin. It’s not going to end well, it’s going to get out of hand and somebody might not live through it. The Cuomo brothers. Roid Man and Nursing Home Killer. Mrs. and Mrs. Megan Markel. The list is long.

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