Too Small To Bother With

I see that Gurgle’s evil technocracy has blocked a few conservative outlets, but somehow missed blocking Splendid Isolation :

My few thousand daily Readers are doubtless not worth their attention.  So capitalizing on their omission, here’s a pic of a gun:

That’s a Knights SR25 in the manly 7.62mm NATO (7.62x51mm), and it’s at Collectors.

May as well take advantage while I can.


  1. Their information re Drudge is seriously dated. Or perhaps they are just indulging in the Leftist pastime of “Once an enemy, always an enemy.”

  2. Only a few thousand? For shame! We need to spread your wisdom more.

    Still, I suppose it’s a case of quality over quantity…

    1. Nah, I kinda like it small. With a large readership inevitably comes trolls and irritation, on the “10% of any group are assholes” principle.

  3. Among those going quiet before they get whacked:
    James M Dakin at BisonPrepper.

    Show of hands… how many are frustrated almost to the point of nearly nuking New York city, Hollywood, and District Of Corruption?

    1. Well, the deadly Chink Virus can be killed by heat & UV light and a nuke, well, ya know . . . . . I’m just sayin’.

  4. Sadly, my list of potential target cities is long and growing longer, to the point where I think I would have to ask our foreign competitors for the loan of some of their warheads to accomplish my needs.

  5. Early production sr25. He tried to sell that to the military. They informed him that it was not acceptable, and would remain so unless he got his act together and copied the proper built-in brass deflector that issue AR’s had had for a couple decades.
    Look closely, and you will see that the deflector isn’t part of the upper, but is held in place with an insert that goes in the rail (just behind/under the rear of that optic mount). I was going to order a couple of these rifles in the early 90’s, but read a test where they complained about brass hitting the shooter in the head. I called the company, and was told that Knight was working on a fix. That stupid add-on deflector was his idea of a proper application of engineering talent. That sort of thing was acceptable in Silicon Valley high tech equipment, but not when your life may be on the line. I didn’t buy them.

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