Dept Of Righteous Shootings

They grow up so quickly these days:

Police responded to an alleged home intrusion in Biloxi, Mississippi, to discover a forced entry suspect deceased in the yard following a confrontation with the homeowner.
The Biloxi Police Department reported the incident occurred “in the 2400 block of Old Bay Road” and the suspect “was breaking into the residence when confronted by the homeowner.”
WLOX reports the deceased suspect was 15 years old.

Stats show that burglars are understandably nervous when committing their first crime, and if disturbed or caught in the act are most likely just to run away.  As they continue to commit their crimes, their boldness grows and grows, and eventually they come to regard other people’s property as their own — and are likely to turn violent if apprehended or challenged by the homeowner.

So if a 15-year-old gets confrontational when challenged on his thievery, you can probably make a safe bet that it’s not his first such crime.  In which case, of course, it’s a job well done when he’s ushered off to the cemetery.


  1. So sad, he was turning things around and had his whole life ahead of him.
    I hope it was a face shot….with a 12 gauge.

    1. You mean, “a shot to the central nervous system”… nah, face shot is much better.

  2. Allow a criminal to escape?
    The criminal just refined her method(s), and will build on that success.
    Allow a criminal to escape… and you just made it worse for the next target down the line.

    Little crimes such as vandalism lead to shoplifting lead to robbery lead to molesting and murder.
    Next thing you know, she runs for political office.

    Unless a homeowner helps her see the error of her ways.

  3. Two stories from the last day or so are on my mind. 3 guys in Florida just doing some catfish fishing at nite run into a demonic POS. He killed all three of fisherman. He had 230 felony arrests on his rap sheet…you absolutely read that right…two hundred thirty arrests…

    The other is a wetback who killed 3 motorcycle ex cops and injured others. DWI. Believe that was in Texas. Arrested multiple times for being illegally here.

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