C.W. posted this pic yesterday:

See that rocky thing behind the house?  To me, that says “backstop” and if you put a shooting table on that deck so that you’re shooting past the corner of the house, and mounted a few hanging steel targets among the bushes, there’s all sorts of plinking fun to be had.

On the other hand, because the place is in Norway, there are no doubt over a hundred little laws and regulations to prevent such activities.


    1. Except that Canada’s gun laws in that area are even worse than Norway’s.

  1. No thanks, island living simply means everything is either twice as expensive or twice as difficult.
    Give me a hand while I replace my refrigerator will you? Gee I would like to go to the doctor, but we have 10 foot seas!
    Not for me.

    1. It’s on a lake. 10′ seas on a lake would indicate that at some point, a visit to the doctor would be completely superfluous.

  2. I was thinking .22 rifles and handguns, with “poppers” or swinging steel plates. I’d probably have to have weekly ammo resupply runs after about a month…

    1. Plus, it’s Norway, so the lake is frozen solid for half the year and you can take the snowmobile into town.

  3. Perfectly allowed here in Norway. We have about the same percentage of gun ownership as the US. About 33%. Mostly hunting rifles and shotguns but ok to own pistols as well. A few more bureaucratic hoops to jump through though.

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