Dept. Of Righteous Shootings, International Division

Nobody needs an assault rifle, right?  Well, somebody did:

An Afghan girl has shot dead two Taliban fighters and wounded several more after they dragged her parents from their home and killed them for supporting the government.
Insurgents in the central province of Ghor stormed the home of teenager Qamar Gul last week looking for her father, the village chief, before shooting her parents.
Gul then emerged from the house with her family’s AK-47 and opened fire, killing the two Taliban fighters who gunned down her mother and father and injuring several others.

Here’s the thing:  as lawlessness increases and mob rule overwhelms policing, the greater the need for ordinary citizens to be armed against the mob.  We saw it in St. Louis with those two liberal lawyers protecting their home, and now we have another, more tragic example of the need for self-defense.

I know, I know:  what happened in Afghanistan could never happen here, right?  Then someone explain to my why “doxing” someone (publishing their personal details like their residential address) isn’t such a threat in this country.  We’ve already had examples of a howling mob appearing outside conservatives’ homes;  now add a little mob hysteria and some weaponry — a Molotov cocktail, perhaps, or a gun — and it’s easy to see how tragedy could so easily take place.

Always be prepared, in every sense of the word.  Even though he had a gun, the Afghan chief wasn’t mentally prepared for the day when the mob descended on his home, and died as a result.  That his teenage daughter had to respond just adds to the tragedy.


  1. I know, I know: what happened in Afghanistan could never happen here, right?
    Point taken and has has been asserted in my household and as you mentioned it is happening and will get worse as we approach Nov.3,2020 and even beyond.

  2. And now the St.Louis police and DA service have decided to arrest and charge them with what? Defending themselves against a lynch mob while white?

    Same race based “justice” as the Atlanta DA charging a cop with capital murder for defending himself against a violent black while white.

    Don’t know how to get an illegal weapon here safely or I’d seriously consider getting one, as it’s impossible here to get a legal weapon (especially given my medical history).
    As is, a good collection of long kitchen knives will have to suffice for me, though I may attempt to turn some of them into spears to give me longer reach.

    1. Interesting thing about those St. Louis arrests for “flourishing a firearm” (whatever THAT is). It seems that “tampering with evidence” has been injected into the mix:

  3. I can’t remember who said it, or if I have it exactly right, but a quote from long ago is

    “Nothing is more dangerous than a good man pushed too far.”

    The Antifa/BLM goon squads are going to push a good man with a gun who knows how to use it too far and it’s going to be a massacre. Whereupon the usual scumbags will try to seize everyone’s guns. Then the fun will really begin.

    Also I seem to recall a similar story from that part of the world a few years ago where a lone woman defended her home with an AK47 when some bad guys attacked. Anyone else remember this?

  4. She’s clearly islamophobic if she doesn’t let those peaceful proselitisers rape and torture her, and should be stoned!

  5. We need to do two things:

    1) Repeal the ban on possession of Class III NFA weapons made or registered after 1986 if transferred and possessed by a US Citizen (and not a felon); and make it a death penalty punishment to use a Class III weapon in the commission of a felony;


    2) Reduce the minimum length for a rifle (not SBR) from 16 inches to 14.5 inches for all rifles.

    That will make it easier for the for The good guys with a gun to deal with bad guys with a gun or other weapon.

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