Better And Better

Remember the Afghan girl who shot two Taliban assholes dead after they’d killed her mom and dad?  Good stuff, huh?

But wait:  there’s MOAR!

A teenage girl hailed a hero for gunning down two Taliban extremists who shot her parents dead in Afghanistan ‘killed her own husband’ when she opened fire, according to fresh reports.
Qamar Gul, 15, was married to one of the two attackers she shot with an AK-47 after he tried to seize her back in a family feud.

Well, that’s going to be a tough one for gun-confiscating feministicals to get their heads around…


  1. Not at all, Kim. They cannot acknowledge the incident, it doesn’t fit their worldview. Therefore it never happened.

  2. The bad guys will have a tough time explaining to Allah why those 7.62mm holes were put there by a woman.

    1. They’re in a heap of trouble if Mary is the first person they see after they die.

      1. They’re in a heap of trouble if they are met by anyone but Allah after they die. Does Hinduism smile at such behavior? Buddhism? I would think even the 72 Houris promised to the faithful Muslim would not countenance such behavior.

          1. BIG male virgins, and in whatever way you wish to define big.
            I do like the idea of them meeting seventy-two Virginians, all of them wrathful Founding Fathers and Revolutionary War Generals with scores to settle with them .

  3. re:
    Blacks© acquiring firearms

    Who is standing next to every Federal Firearms Licensee during each transfer… and noting the melatonin content and nose-shape of each transferee?

    Does Form 4473 demand everybody admit they are white or Blacks© or some version between?
    Good grief.
    What next… “Did you wear your seatbelt on the way to this transfer?”

    When will page twenty-four of Form 4473 ask “If today is an odd-numbered Thursday, are you wearing your mandatory environmentally-approved teal-colored mask aka ‘face-mask’?”
    Then, on page ninety-nine, how will you answer “How many sheets of ‘bathroom tissue’ did you require for yesterday’s bowel movement(s)?”

  4. Actually, LargeMarge, there is a section of the 4473 that requires the buyer to delineate his/her racial background:
    Section A – Must Be Completed Personally By Transferee/Buyer…….
    10.a. – Ethnicity, Hispanic or Latino, or Not Hispanic or Latino;
    10.b. – Race (In addition to ethnicity,select one or more race in 10.b. Both 10.a. and 10.b. must be answered) American Indian or Alaska Native; Asian; Black or African American; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; White.
    You have either never bought a firearm from a FFL, or it’s been since before I got my license 25+ years ago.
    As to your snark……Please don’t give the assholes at ATF any ideas.

  5. …he tried to seize her back in a family feud.
    I guess he never thought that perhaps she might divorce him with extreme prejudice.
    He thought poorly.

  6. Actually, I read somewhere that many Izzies, depending on which of the hundreds of subsets they belong to, believe that if they are killed by a female, they don’t make it to paradise. Supposedly, that is why the ISIS bunch of idiots were so worried about all those female Kurd snipers. Who, if some of the photos were accurate, were actually somewhat hot.

    1. This could be interesting. At what level of “Killed by a female” do they start to have bad feelings and want to seek legal and peaceful employment? A woman’s touch on the trigger/bomb switch? A woman loaded the ordnance on the airplane/ into the magazines? A woman made the ordnance in the factory back home a la Rosie the Riveter? If this attitude is widespread among the warring subsets, we should exploit this with film shorts like we did in WW2, i.e. “How Your Bombs are made.”

  7. Would I be giving too much in hoping reality played out (with the exception of the girl getting knocked out) like this scene from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels with a waif wielding a Bren?

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