1. Fenofribate (‘Tricor’) has the potential to reduce blood-bourne cholesterol.
    In some people.
    Some of the time.
    Right before the body adapts to the poison… rendering it utterly non-effective.

    Let’s look at the reasons we produce cholesterol:
    * cholesterol in human skin is required to manufacture Vitamin D after exposure to sunlight.
    * the human brain is about ninety-percent fat, and most of that fat is cholesterol.
    * the human body automatically increases its manufacture of cholesterol in response to injuries.
    * arterial damage caused by an inflammatory diet — grains, rancid oils, unsaturated/hydrogenated oils — is patched with cholesterol.
    * arterial patches reduce blood flow… raising blood pressure.

    The human body constantly adjusts cholesterol levels according to injuries and the healing of those injuries.
    Measuring total body cholesterol through a one-time blood sample is worthless…. and irresponsible.
    Another word for that is ‘malpractice’.

    Any of the corona virii family irritate the bronchial lining.
    That irritation is automatically patched with cholesterol while the injury heals.

    Removing the patches prior to the body healing the damage?
    That would expose the injury to fresh infections.


    Oh, and the Center For Disease Control And Prevention are commie half-wits.
    Anybody with access to any level of medical information knew this on their first day in class.

  2. Clickbait. No links to any paper, even an unreviewed, unpublished one. No indication that the concentrations of fenofibrate tested in the cell cultures—not patients, cell cultures—they used are achievable in patients with reasonably safe doses.

    And the presence of the magic words IF, COULD, and POTENTIALLY which are seen so often, and not just about COVID-19.

    “If our findings are borne out by clinical studies, this course of treatment could potentially downgrade COVID-19’s severity into nothing worse than a common cold,” Nahmias concluded.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see this pan out. But right now….

    IF I had $20,000,000, Nigella Lawson COULD POTENTIALLY sleep with me.

  3. You left out “corrupt”. After all, no Big Pharma company is going to pay big salaries/consulting fees to retired CDC (or FDA) Bureaucrats that approved solutions that don’t require meds still under patents.

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