1. Only works if you don’t count Imagine as a Beatles song. They do play it on the Beatles channel.

    1. Agree. It isn’t the absolutely stupidest rock song of all time, but that’s only because there are still very Woke songwriters.

      1. I think it’s still well in the lead for the most despicable rock song in history.

        I once had a co-worker in tears because I described this “beautiful” song as a celebration of the evil utopian political theology responsible for the butchery of over 100 Million people in the 20th century.

  2. I Want To Hold Your Hand.

    The instant I heard those lyrics, I thought “No. I want to hold your buns as I press your hips against my hips!”
    Now, put those hands of yours to good work by sliding them all over my ‘danger zone’.

    1. Yeah, but they couldn’t sing lyrics like that in 1963. Innocent times, you see.

      Nowadays, it would be: “I wanna grab yo’ vag” — in fact, I think I heard just that coming from some scrote’s car stereo the other day.

      I prefer the earlier version, as I do so many things.

      1. I always thought that it was a tutti-fruitti reference as in I want to hold your glans.

  3. I would say “All of them” except for [i]While My Guitar Gently Weeps[/i]

    But I think I established my credentials as an Unclean Infidel Heretic in matters concerning the Fab Four around here some time ago.

  4. I have to say that, strictly limiting the list to actual Beatles songs, the list looks solid. I would propose a vote on the following revision,

    1) Revolution #9

    2) Revolution #9

    3) Revolution #9

    4) Revolution #9

    5) Revolution #9

    6) Revolution #9

    7) Revolution #9

    8) Revolution #9

    9) Revolution #9

    10) The Long and Winding Road

  5. These are all appropriate suggestions for worst Beatles song. My vote goes to one that was apparently written only by Paul. I’ve never heard a recording of it, so it may have an excellent McCartney melody to it, but the lyrics obviously don’t have that Lennon McCartney quality to them.
    “The Lovely Linda”
    The lyrics are:
    “The Lovely Linda,
    La la la la la la la,
    With the lovely flowers in her hair,
    La la la la la la la.”
    As Paul Hogan once said, you know the song’s in trouble when half the song is La, la, la.
    For Linda’s sake, I hope it had a nice melody.


  6. I made it just over 2 minutes into they 8 minute version of Revolution #9. Yep, that’s trash. is that just studio cuts mashed up into a cacophony of crap? Maybe you have to be on all sorts of weird chemicals like the Beatles to appreciate it.


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