1. Setting aside her childhood pursuits a few moments after leaving the family basement for the first time, Cherise enthusiastically exercised her formidable breathing apparatuses.

  2. Here we see Melvin receiving the ‘advances’ of the Invisible Man.
    Let’s have a nice round of applause for Melvin’s gag-reflex control!

  3. In his hurry to book his first tropical holiday, Melvin over-looked the brochure fine-print warnings about the jalapeno-based beverages.

  4. All Vern’s training from his Feminazi Reeducation courses at Oberlin disappeared the very first time he encountered ACTUAL breasts.

  5. Renown far-n-wide for her adult video performances involving her magnificent tuchus, the lovely Blake Rose poses with an awe-struck admirer… immediately prior to the dear boy positioning his beverage in front of his bathing attire while fleeing the ‘scene’.


    For another gander of Blake Rose, see her portrait in the Wikipedia entry for leashed pet girl at frisco’s Castro Street Fetish Fair.

  6. “Girl” – Mmmm Nice Package
    Guy – those are the biggest set of balls I’ve ever seen on a tranny!

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