Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

From here in Texas (via several Readers, thankee).

Executive Summary:  two goblins decide to do a little undocumented parts removal from some Olde Phartte’s car.  When he points a gun at them and tells them to stop, they charge him, with the predictable outcome.

My only regret is that neither goblin went to that Great Auto Parts Department In The Sky, but at least he nailed both, and one is listed in “critical” condition, so there’s that.

Note to Our Hero:  you need to upgrade your weapon of choice (as the media never tell us what caliber, what bullet type etc., the morons), OR you need to get a little more shooting practice.

Both would be good.


  1. Looks like the TV station posted a follow up story. Sounds like the parts were being taken of cars in a scrapyard. Still, it’s unauthorized informal property redistribution.

    The story does leave me a bit confused about what kind of gun he used.

    “Thompson had a handgun, and says he was asking the suspects to put their hands up when they charged him, and he shot.

    “Why would somebody be stupid enough to come at me with me having a gun on them?” Thompson asked. “I said ‘Man that’s nothing but birdshot.”

    A handgun…with birdshot? Did this guy actually use a Taurus Judge in a defensive shooting? And if he actually managed to put one of the turds into critical condition requiring a life-flite with .410 birdshot from a Judge, I’m actually kind of impressed.


    1. Might have used .45, .38 Spec shotshells. I have them in my Smith 637 when we go walking in our park (for snakes, raccoons etc). Other than against small critters, they’re pretty much useless, although I would imagine getting shot in the face with one would not be pleasant.

      1. Being it was apparently in a scrapyard, maybe his pistol was set up to deal with the four legged variety of rats that frequent such areas, rather than the two legged type he encountered this time.

    2. We used to call it snake shot – pistol shells loaded with number 6 shot. We carried it around the farm and in the woods on the chance that you might encounter a copperhead or rattlesnake. Very common in Appalachia 30 years ago.

  2. You guys do realize since he’s a black guy: 1) he gets a total “pass”, even if he killed one or both perps; and 2) the media actually “cuck” themselves with this case, and the interview, etc. (“Nothing to see here boys. Move along.” ROFL)

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