1. Ayrton Senna ?

    Did google fu with ” driver f1 rothmans eif” and image comes up.

  2. I’ve never followed Formula 1 and I couldn’t name a single driver in the pic, however it’s obvious to me that the entire organization must be racist because the gentleman in the middle is wearing blackface 😉

  3. Moss (aka, Best British Driver Never To Have Won An F1 Crown) never won an F1 Championship, but does have 16 GP wins to his credit.

  4. I’ve been a follower of F1 since the early 60s. Yes, Watkins Glen every year I was in the US until it moved. Yes I have seen the BOG and the animals around it (today they call themselves Antifa)
    Lewis may have never been poor but Lewis is a driver of immense skill and racing sense.
    His taking the pole position in the second Austrian GP in the rain with a second and a half over the rest of the field was one of the finest example of car control I have ever seen. Recall that the wet conditions effectively level the playing field as far as horsepower and chassis are concerned. What remains is driver skill, which he displayed effectively. Is he perfect? Hell no, but is he a superb driver that has earned world championships in cars that were not top of the heap.

  5. It’s already been answered, but yes the lad in the Rothmans uniform is indeed Damon Hill, the son of twice World Champion Graham Hill. Graham, along with Jim Clark, Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart and Jensen Button were/are “Gentlemen” in the best sense of the word. Hawthorne and Hunt – well, less so but certainly a big step up from current times.

    The latest antics by Hamilton have been the “straw that stroked the camel’s sack” moment for me – so long F1. Burn our cities, loot the stores, riot, intimidate and demand respect? Uh, NO.

  6. The new hybrid engine format is the death knell of the sport. In part because it was a public pronouncement by the sport that F1 would now be an overt tool of political correctness. But moreso because it reduced what should be the most bleeding-edge, hi-tech motor racing venue on the planet to mere spec racing. And because the “token” development system accidentally gave a decade of dominance to Mercedes because they spent spent so much more than their competitors on the development of the 2014 season’s engine. And the token system for limiting development and updates is too niggardly for any of their competitors to catch up. Apparently forever. How odd that Niki Lauda should publicly lament F1 becoming what he referred to as “Formula Engine” when it was his team that was the primary beneficiary of the change.

    When Michael Schumacher won five WDCs on the trot with Ferrari (2000-2004), fans complained that the Scuderia was “buying the pot,” spending far more on R&D than any of their competitors and bringing sophistication to the sport beyond what any competitor could afford. Whether that was true or not is debatable but what is clear in 2020 is that all the other teams still are struggling to bridge the engine gap that Mercedes brought with it to Melbourne in 2014. They should stop calling it Formula One and rightly call it Formula Mercedes, because no one apart Mercedes stands much a chance of winning either WDC or WCC.

    It saddens me that so many great drivers and great engineers are now participating in the sport for nothing apart the paycheck because they none of them have any chance of winning a title unless their car bears the 3-pointed star. At least not until a replacement engine formula arrives, and maybe not then.

    Perhaps the greatest tragedy of this is that history will forget most of the details, how Mercedes “bought the pot” in 2014, remembering only that the walking, talking, tattooed, bejeweled phallus known as Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest drivers the sport has ever seen, right up there with Schumacher, Fangio and Clark.

    And that sucks ass.

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