Welcome Wagon Offer

I see that the Brits are going to offer asylum residency to something like 200,000 Hong Kongers, and I have no doubt that we Murkins are going to do something similar.

I think that’s excellent — as long as both countries structure the offer so that people of proven means and talent get to the front of the line, because we want immigrants who will want to work and be successful, and not come here simply to suck on the various government teats that we have misguidedly allowed to grow and fester, once again in both countries.  And if there’s a nation of people who have a track record of not wanting or needing the Helping Hands Of State to stick it in their asses  give them benefits, that would be the citizens of Hong Kong.  (Their attitude, in a nutshell, appears to be “Stay out of my way and let me make money”.)

There will be considerable culture shock, by the way, when these newcomers arrive in the U.K. and U.S. with relief to have escaped all that repression and control, only to discover that instead of paying 5% income tax once a year, they’ll be bent over and raped repeatedly by the fascist goons of Her Majesty’s Department of Customs & Revenue and our own Internal Revenue Service (“service” as in what stud bulls do to heifers) so that both nations can continue to provide free medical care, education and money to the ungrateful, shiftless and unemployable.

But hey:  democracy, whisky and sexy carries a cost, too.

All that said, however, I think that both the U.K. and the U.S. need to be extremely careful in vetting the people we welcome aboard, because China is asshole and it would not surprise me to learn that the godless fucking Commies would include a few (or many) spies and agents among the would-be immigrants so that they can continue their campaign of espionage and the undermining of Western democracy.

Any efforts of our own home-grown Commies to start wailing about “diversity” and “helping the needy” should be brushed off with utter contempt because, you see, they want to help the godless Chinese Communist Party to undermine our Western democracy.  All their yelpings, therefore, need to be seen in that context.

In fact, what we should do — both the Brits and ourselves — is to offer not asylum but an exchange of people wanting to live in a democracy with people who would prefer to live under Communism.

Hell, I’d give them a two-for-one offer:  two Ivy League university professors or two Portland/Seattle pantifas for every one Hong Kong entrepreneur.  Fuck it:  how about a five-for-one exchange?  I’d happily lose a million “Democratic Socialists” like Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, the entire faculty lounge at Oberlin College and the wokeist New York Times editorial committee in return for two hundred thousand hard-working Hong Kong capitalists.

Change my mind.


  1. If the US gov’t is in charge of immigration inspection you can count on irresponsible behavior, unaccountability, and criminality, as in everything it involves itself. Less is always more when it comes to gov’t, and the reverse is true too.

    Each immigrant should be restricted from any form of welfare for the first 5 years that they live in the US.
    Each immigrant should be required to purchase a $10,000.00 bond upon arriving in the US which will be refunded after living here crime free for a period of 10 years.

    1. Win, Win. We get people who’d value their freedom. Antifa/Marxists would get the bone they deserve.

  2. Change your mind? I second the motion! How about fifty to one? Really clean house!

  3. While I expect the Chinese to try to include spies, I also expect them to put pressure on those who come over for real by threatening their relatives.

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