Let me see if I’ve got this straight:  a team representing a city I hate, playing a sport that I never watch, is changing their name to appease a bunch of woke assholes I hate even more than the city.

Did I miss anything?

Update:  I knew I should have waited to post this thread.  Now a crap sports magazine I never read has announced the names of the women I’ve never heard of, who are going to pose semi-nude in an issue I’ve never bothered to look at, let alone read.



  1. nope, you nailed it. I agree with you.

    I’d prefer to watch a rugby match than a football game any day of the week.

    I used to be a baseball fan until the 90s when the millionaire owners and the millionaire players fought over the fan’s money and the players went on strike. Chief Wahoo of the Cleveland Indians might be the next to get the tomahawk chop. Maybe that’s a Brave’s things but I bet they’re next despite Hanoi Jane doing the tomahawk chop.


    1. I keep saying, but nobody listens, that one has a Sex, and one may or may not have a “Gender”. Using the claptrap that passes for logical and scientific thought today, one may “Identify” as one of the hundred-eighty-seven different “Genders”, but as I have said, if the male human hasn’t said goodbye to “Mr. Happy”, “she” or whatever he calls himself, is still a guy.

  2. I hovered over your link to the Sports mag article, and from the names listed in the URL, I’ve heard of Olivia Culpo but not the other 2.

    I then clicked through and … if you showed me a picture of any of them I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything other than “generic, skanky-looking model.” Not even for the one I’d at least heard the name of.

  3. I understand there’s a great team name that’s currently not in use. Maybe they could buy the rights:

    “The Washington Generals.”

    It would be fitting.

  4. I hear the new name is going to be the Washington Thinskins and their new logo will be a snowflake.

  5. I’m hoping someone will grow a pair and name a major league team the “Fighting Whities”.

    In reference, a Colorado high school team adopted that name to show how discriminatory the so-called Indian named mascots were. They thought us “whites” would object and throw tantrums. Instead, we loved the name, laughed at it, and school t-shirt sales went through the roof. Now the professors are having to explain that whites liking the fighting whities is just another example of privilege, or something like that.

  6. I propose one of three names.

    1) Change from Redskins to Foreskins, which is what I’ve already been calling them for years.
    2) Washington Assholes: because a typical refrain already starts with “those assholes from Washington…”
    3) Washington Possums: They play dead at home and get slaughtered on the road.

    And of course, you know the saying: Washington–first in war, first in peace, generally last in the NFC East.

  7. I’m so disinterested in the thing that I can’t even be bothered to come up with a new name.

    1. The same here, I started thinking of some bad things to call the team, snarky, dirty and nasty and then it dawned on me that like you, I don’t care, this is a total non-event happening it what might well be a dying venue of huge obnoxious men chasing a ball around a field acting like it means something.

    2. Where’s you sense of adventure? At least come up with something like “The Washington Meh”.

  8. I think we are doing it wrong. I’ve just now realized how damaged I was by watching those games, wearing those shirts, wearing those shoes, going to those Punt, pass and kick events they put on for years. Why all those hours spent on fantasy football leauges, I could have been reading James Baldwin or Ta Neshi Coates. The horror! How could they possibly allow this cancer to metastasize within a poor little boy. I feel damaged. Like a couple of billion in damaged. I’m sure you feel the same way. Does anyone know a good lawyer to file a class action on our behalf against the team, the owners, the city that gave billions in tax incentives, all the advertisers and all the broadcasters who ever showed their games? A few billion might just ease my pain and suffering.

    1. Hell, I feel damaged just by reading about the suffering you’ve experienced at the hands of these bastards.

  9. I used to be an NFL fan. Last season I think I watched 4 games total. This season I don’t think I can be bothered. I used to watch English Premier League Rugby. Then got 40 minutes of rainbow flags and “Inclusiveness” lectures from the announcers. FFS I watch sport to get away from this garbage, so ta ta.

  10. Beginning to think I might not even watch any college games this year. Looks like the destruction of our country proceeds apace.

  11. I used to enjoy my favorite college team, University of Oklahoma where I was undergrad and grad student about 50 years ago. No university knew how to work the system and get the best Texas football players to join up every year for years and years, the old Big 8 and the Texas teams were fun to play and beat, most of the time. To my way of thinking now, college coaches who are the highest paid government employees in a lot of states are running a cut throat league of over sized, over trained young men hoping they don’t get too banged up before the few of them have a chance to move up from the college farm teams to the majors. Lots of entertainment dollars are going to be lost as these folks continue to mix politics with sports and entertainment, screw them all because the next few years are going to be ever so strange and the relevance of sports, college and professional appears to be going down the drain.

  12. They are changing anything they want to change, anywhere they choose, any time they choose. The Washington Post:

    The Texas Rangers’ team name must go

    “My dad sometimes took my younger siblings and me to Arlington Stadium to watch the Rangers play. No state mythologizes itself quite like Texas, so of course, it made sense to have a team name that embodied that gauzy, self-regarding history. At the same time, being from a Ghanaian immigrant family, we weren’t that invested in baseball, or the team name. I just liked going because my dad would sometimes let me take sips of his Coca-Cola mixed with beer.”

    Gee, that sounds awful. How you have suffered here in Hellmerica. Wait, I know how to end your torment.

    Go the fuck back to Ghana, and take your younger siblings and your dad with you.

  13. Oh hell, the Texas Rangers in the old days were a group of men, kind of a law force militia who fought bad guys, the first use of the Colt Revolver by Texas Rangers in 1844 using 5 shot Colt Patterson’s built for the Texas Navy, a revolver that had extra cylinders that could be reloaded while riding on horse back. First use of a true repeating firearm in combat and that historical event took place on the Guadalupe just 7 and a half miles north of where I live now. Our Texas Rangers had a lot of hard bad jobs, some say a 50% mortality rate, in the old days show up with your horse, firearms and saddle and you will be paid $15 per month and supplied with ammunition.

    They were for various times the hard law in a hard area John Coffee was the Captain of that group and Captain Samuel Hamilton Walker was a Ranger with that group, he went back and got Colt to start making pistols again and they combined their ideas to come out with the .44 Colt Walker, one of my relatives had a Civil War Walker pistol that I had priced about 15 years ago at $7,000, it was not one of the first Texas batches which bring crazy prices.

    Anyway, please don’t screw around with our Texas Rangers, the lawmen or the Baseball team who G.W. used to own part of. Go Away people and leave us alone.

  14. Waiting for burly, leather clad gay dudes to protest that “Chicago Bears” is appropriating their identity and demand a name change as well.

    I was going to add “sausage gobbling” to the list of adjectives, but it’s kind of redundant…

  15. Yeah, you did miss something. It was the corporate sponsors who put the arm on the team. And if anyone in the conservative media named the corporations, I missed it. I want to know which corporations, I want to know the names of the CEOs, the advertising directors, the “diversity” directors. Plus their home addresses and where their children go to school. Conservatives are so pathetically weak that we deserve to lose.

  16. Influencer Jasmine, 29
    OK, WTF is an “Influencer”, why should someone care what a frizzy-head, bony, pissed off looking airhead bitch like her has to say about anything, never mind actually let her “influence” someone to do something?

    1. “WTF is an “Influencer””

      Kim Kardashian (or however you spell her name. I keep thinking “Cardassian”) wannabe.

      1. Now you’ve done it. I’ll never think of them as anything but “Cardassians” again.
        By the time I get up from this computer, I’ll be over my distress, and just file this with my inability to think of SJW’s as anything but “Social Justice Whiners.”
        I can’t wait to use this while talking to someone. Preferably a trekkie who keeps up with the Cardassians (super!)
        Thank you. Do you have another?

  17. This is so below my intellectual radar sweep I’m embarrassed to have read it. In my 65 years I have never watched more than about 10 mins of any ball sporting event and that was only because somebody had it on the TV when I dropped by. If I’m going to watch people do things I’d prefer to watch young wimminz lick ice cream cones in the nood.

  18. Caving in to the lefties won’t make anybody happy. The lefties hate sports and they hate the people who watch sports, so a few sports teams changing their names isn’t going to appease them. It will only embolden them.

    But caving in WILL piss off any of the actual fans and supporters who DO watch sports. So in this sense, the appeasement that’s going on means that football (and similar appeasing sports like NASCAR) are starting to circle the drain and are on their way out as an entertainment product.

    What will replace it? Dumbass “reality” shows would be my guess.

    The left is like a reverse King Midas: Everything they touch turns to shit.

    1. Staff Martin,

      “The left is like a reverse King Midas: Everything they touch turns to shit.” I Call that the “Obama-touch”


      1. Like the Dunning-Kruger Effect, would this be the Obama-Biden Effect? Pelosi-Schumer*?

        *Rhymes with Tumor

  19. I can’t boycott something I never took part in. I was never at anytime in my life a sportsball fan. So, I am with Kim. Meh, so what.

    Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t really care what other folks prefer in their entertainment, but as for me, if it all went away tomorrow – including NASCAR – I would consider it a mere blip in the daily news. However, there might be another upside. Perhaps if the entire sportsball culture went away it would free up millions in public money currently spent on stadiums and overpaid coaches.

    CW_DXer: “Washington Possums: They play dead at home and get slaughtered on the road.”

    That there was fall-out-of-your-chair funny.

    It reminds me of an old joke:
    “Why did the chicken cross the road?”
    “To prove to the possum that it could be done.”

  20. Hmm. Washington Possums is good. Washington Thinskins also.
    I liked Dennis Miller’s “The Crimson Hide”.
    Does the team, Washington Senators still exist? No one comes to their away games for fear they’ll raise taxes. But ultimately, if they changed their name to any one of these, I might be troubled enough to look up how well they were doing during the season, but then again, probably not.

  21. If the team does represent the city, and they received tax breaks, sweetheart deals on the arena where they play and other things of value in exchange for this representation, when someone on the team does something that embarrasses the city (I know, far fetched, but hear me out), or they decide to relocate, as the Rams and Raiders, the Dodgers, the Lakers, and so many others have, should they not have to disgorge the value of this consideration, as they represent the city?

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