1. Just today, it has been announced that she tests positive for Coronavirus.
    She will soon join the senior citizens, nursing home occupants, morbidly obese folks that have succumbed to that dread disease.

  2. Yes, “Tested” positive, ( one of those symptom free positive cases ) even though she has been holed up in a very small town in Cow Hampshire for the last several months ( 0 cases in that NH county ) and will be put in the isolation unit., she will mysteriously wind up with the most virulent form and must be sedated and put on a ventilator. she will be on a ventilator until ……

    Contact tracing will reveal she contracted it from the UPS Driver who will test positive in a few weeks.

  3. They’re holding her in New York (unless that’s also a bit of misdirection, like the Paris story.) I’d give her maybe two weeks, unless she starts talking, then maybe two hours.

    It would be hilarious if they really weren’t holding her there, but instead had set up a trap for whoever comes in to kill her.

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