1. 100% correct, but, by God, if you dare utter these sentiments you are vilified and stoned (in the biblical sense). Heaven forbid that common sense enters into any discussion in 2020. Virtue signalling is now the path to enlightenment – and it’s all horse dung.

    1. Mr. Floyd would be alive right now if he hadn’t tried to pass counterfeit bills. The guy who was dragged to death under the Fed Ex semi would be alive if only he hadn’t fallen out the back of the truck while looting it. The guy killed by cops in Atlanta would be alive if only he hadn’t been driving while intoxicated, resisted arrest and fought the cops, then relieved one cop of his taser, ran, then shot the taser at the cops. Go figure. Chris Rock was right, but it’s not cool to point that out nowadays. And I’m expected to feel sympathy for these felons???

      1. Darrell, how many times have I warned you about using logic and commonsense against The Leftist Narrative?

  2. Hell, they’ve even lost a lot of blacks —


    “This movement is suppose to be for me? All this rioting and protesting is suppose to support me and the black community? You guys are doing this to show your love and support to blacks?

    If this is the way you guys want to show support and love, then count me out. I never want people to fear me because of a movement that’s “supposedly” supporting me and my kind. You guys are saying “black lives matter” and I am here saying “all lives matter”. You want to retaliate with “yes all lives matter, but right now it’s about black lives”, then I say this:

    If you think that going around and causing fear is a solution for black lives, you’re wrong. It’s only adding to the problem. Fear is what started this, and what these protesters are doing is only making things worse. I never want people to fear me because of the color of my skin. I never want people to feel uncomfortable because I’m black. FEAR IS NOT THE WAY TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. It only makes this situation worse for everyone.

    If you think that making one race a priority over another right now is the solution, then I say that only makes things harder. We can’t make other races feel guilty or bad or LESS in hopes that they will start treating the “priority” race better. IT WON’T. And this will forever be an ongoing issue as we rotate different “lives” that matter the most “at this time”.”

  3. Apparently he considers himself a libertarian Marxist. He’s also a Zoroastrian. I think a dinner conversation with him would be interesting.

    1. Hell, I’ll break bread with anyone at least once if it means an interesting discussion. How the heck do you balance Marxism, libertarianism, and Zoroastrianism in your head?

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