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I can’t believe I’m even talking about this, but these are the times we live in.

Some men have admitted to keeping underwear for more than 20 years, a new poll has found. Clothing firm Tom Clinch conducted a poll, which found that the average British man only buys new pants once every five years.

Put me in the “5 years” category, for one simple reason.  I only wear undies from Marks & Spencer, I buy about 20 pairs at a time, and I rotate them conscientiously.

And they’re all black.  I’ve been buying these for over twenty years:

One style, one color.  Life is too short for me to waste time on stupid shit like deciding which underwear to wear every morning, but least I’m not the guy who takes 20 years to decide to get new ones.  (Seriously?)

And all that said, life is too short for me to write about this nonsense, and for you to waste your time reading it.  We now return to our regular fare of guns, Commie-hatred, ill-tempered invective and patriotic bodacious wimmens (sample below).


  1. City Boxers, made to order in Maine. Best product ever. Never miss a chance to endorse it. Wearing the product for 20 years, one style, different colors. (“One does want a hint of color.”) They don’t last 20 years, that’s just crazy. Picking a color to wear is easy. It’s the one on the top of the pile.

    1. Yep, the pair on top. I don’t even try to impress the doctors and nurses with my underdrawers anymore.

      1. Been wearing the same style of Hanes briefs for 50-years, of all colors – when they come out of the drier, they go to the back of the drawer for “stock rotation”. Each day’s wear is the pair in front.

    1. These days I’m prepared to give the tats a pass; they’re no sillier than bustles, after all. The fact that one of the tats appears to be a skull is slightly more disturbing. But what really puts me off (other then being happily married) is the ‘think you can handle me, Big Boy?’ attitude. That young woman looks like trouble on the hoof.

  2. I buy socks and underwear every couple years. Get enough to toss out the old lot. Generic white athletic socks, boot socks and synthetic boxer briefs. In the recent rotation I got Hanes boxers instead of underarmor, almost as good and half the price.

  3. Back when my family was still exchanging Christmas gifts, my older sister would call and ask what I wanted. My answer was always white cotton tube socks with plain tops. Her traditional answer was “Don’t be a jerk!” So I offered an item from my ‘nice to have’ list, which was always gun related, like a taper crimp die in .38 special, which i had to explain(dear sis is rabidly anti-gun). Socks it was, then. One year, she got me socks with colorful tops. I made a point of wearing them mismatched, especially when we were going out to dinner. I don’t miss gift giving.

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