1. My heraldry is somewhat rusty. Did I miss something on the news? Charley is now King of Canada??? or did he just invade some temporary iceberg in the Far North and chase off the two seals left to defend it.?

    1. Most Canadians of our ilk still revere the Red Ensign and detest the Maple Leaf thing.

    1. Trudeau run Liberal Party, backed by the separtist Bloc Quebecois. So yes, they have. Actually they have been running the place into the ground since Trudeau Pere. Harper was just a pause until they could get rid of him and resume with “Sunny Ways”.

  2. Thanks for showing our proper flag, the “Red Ensign”, far better than that crotch rag in commie colours chosen as our new flag in 1965 by our commie mole of a Prime Minister, Lester Pearson, may he rot in Hell for eternity.

    The Anglosphere is still the best, in spite of the efforts of the left.

    On Saturday my cottage flagpole will have a brand new Stars and Stripes flying from dawn til dusk. I do it every year and have people stop by to say hi and admire it.

    1. Learn something new every day. Thanks re: “commie Pearson”. And, God bless all Canucks who’ve had to put up with the Trudeaus through the years! May their reputations be forever “blackened” by their apparent innate stupidity, and vile politics! Not that we don’t have our political idiots, such as biden, cuomo, aoc, pelosi, newsom (“loathsome”), inslee, and durkan!

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