News Review

Good grief but the news is getting boring these days.  No wonder the New York Times is creating fake news left, right and center (mostly about the Right, but that’s a story for another time).

We persevere nevertheless, just like Olympic athletes (two links):

just as absolutely nobody expected they would.  [/maxi-sarc]

oh great;  your mediocre products don’t suck enough already, but now you’re going to bugger them up even more by inviting under-qualified tokens to work on them.

right, Noam.  And your old asshole buddy Josef Stalin was just a peach of a human being.  You Commie fuck.

wait:  weren’t lack of pollution and fewer vapor trails supposed to be a good thing?  So the “good” things are now going to cause a “bad” thing.  Unless, of course, the “experts” who came up with this warning are as full of shit as all the other “experts” we hear from nowadays.  Ummmmm I’ll take that option for $400, Alex.

funny, I thought that the Brits were kinda the masters at this game.  And speaking of mastery:

and Augusta National is doubtless going to fold like a damp shirt in the face of this bullshit, just like they did when they allowed women to join the club.

One of Monty Python’s old sketches involved a group of contestants trying to answer questions about the writings of Marcel Proust.  As none of them could satisfactorily explain the rococo intricacies of Proust’s prose [sic], the judges instead gave the prize to the lady in the front row with the big tits.  That’s what I’m going to do now, by ending with some news that’s so irrelevant, so pointless and so silly, it is a perfect summation of how bored I am with the whole business.

it’s not my fault;  society’s to blame.  [/Monty Python]


  1. Yes, Summer MF is mighty good looking but what I liked best of all was when she broke up with her “famous” boyfriend, Paul Hollywood by name, (no, I don’t know what he’s famous for because I just look at the pictures and don’t bother reading the trash that they write), he tried to pull some non-disclosure agreement on her and she told him to piss up a rope as she didn’t want his money. The press over here love her for that as she told them to piss off as well. All great fun!

  2. Summer is 25? I would have guessed a well-maintained 50. Too much tanning is my impression.

    1. I think the red hair is real and there is a fair amount of temper to go with it, (like my daughter and more than a few cousins)

  3. I know I’m late to the party on this one, but do you realize the female they let into Augusta National was Condi Rice? I’ll never forget her strut on stage in Cairo in High-heel, knee-height boots, a black dress and never a scarf over her head. She has more balls than 90% of the members.

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