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As we speak, the Austrian F1 Grand Prix is only about  ten days away.  Yup, a starting ceremony dedicated to giving a blowjob to BLM, followed by the usual 95-minute parade lap.  I can hardly wait.

That said, I think the Russian GP is going to be even more boring:

Insty puts it best:  “People only buy Russian when they can’t afford the good stuff.”

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  1. Right now the Russian stuff IS the good stuff.

    The US and EU have forgotten how to build military hardware after decades of budget cuts left the manufacturing companies bankrupt or rededicated to other things.

    Heck, the US last month committed to buying ITALIAN ships for their navy because they’re better than anything the US yards can produce, Italian ships built to a 15 year old design with some 10 year old equipment bolted on that’s produced under license in US factories.

    The US and European tanks are 40 year old designs, the factories no longer exist, they’re kept running by the maintenance crews making new parts from scrap metal and by canibalising other tanks retired due to the budget cuts.
    Same with most aircraft. The F-22 is going on 20 years old, the factories have been dismantled. The F-35 is a turd.

    Meanwhile the Russians are fielding new equipment regularly, are constantly upgrading and expanding their military.
    The Chinese are too but are behind in technology a bit (but no more than a few years) except in information warfare where they’re the top of the world, which doesn’t bode well for the US’s “networked military” which will find itself incapable of communicating all that information they take for granted having at their fingertips in the field once hostilities start.

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