I Don’t Think So, Scooter

Now we hear the following breathless announcement:

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warned on Friday that another lockdown might be necessary if the country suffers a “dramatic” rise in coronavirus infections.

They’ll soon discover that what they think is a “dramatic” rise is not what we think it is.

I’ve got news for you “experts” and government types:  if you think that “civil disobedience” is an abstract concept or an impossibility in this country, try pulling that shit on us again.

And the harder you push us, the harder we’ll push back.  If you go full aggro on us (and you should never go full aggro), the result will make the current BLM / Pantifa riots look like a Sunday school picnic.

You heard it here first.



  1. How many times do they think they can run the same scenario? Run scary headlines about what the models show MIGHT Happen, Then ignore the previous stories as time goes by. Move the goal post and run more scary stories. They completely overplayed their hand when they let all the BLM protest marches happen without complaint or comment and only after the fact ran scary headlines saying they now expect a new wave of infections because of lack of social distancing. it’s been long enough for that wave to show up. it’s not happening …. so time for more headlines about what MIGHT happen based on the flawed models.

    Lather . rinse and repeat …….. The populace now has enough undereducated people that believe what they are told, instead of what they can see.

    1. I think they’re looking beyond the Corona virus now. There are articles popping up in my news feed about how plastic isn’t even in the ocean, or in the guts of fish, it’s in the flesh of fish and humans, and even raining on us out of the sky. Once the populace no longer runs in circles over Covid, they’ll run in circles over plastics in their bodies. ,

  2. Much as I would like to see a massive pushback against the idea of another lockdown, I don’t think this is likely. Most of the public accepted the dramatic abrogation of their rights the first time around; they will again.

    1. Damn it, eleven_monkeys, I’d bet body parts that you’re correct! I still see a majority of unthinking tools while out shopping wearing idiotic facial drapery. I must be honest, I kind of groove on shopping unmasked and seeing the disdain for my travesty in their eyes. Does that make me a bad person? One can only hope.

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