Yup, this is going to end well:

The NYPD’s elite anti-crime units — plainclothes teams that focus on gun arrests and stopping violent crimes that’ve been dogged by accusations of using heavy-handed tactics in brown and black communities — are officially a thing of the past.
The high-risk units — one for each of the city’s 77 police precincts and nine Police Service Areas that cover public housing — will be disbanded and all 600 cops reassigned, the city’s top cop announced Monday.
Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said he personally made the decision to banish the units, which have been responsible for a “disproportionate” number of shootings and misconduct complaints made against the NYPD in their decades-long history.

Ummm the reason that the unit is responsible for a “disproportionate” number of shootings is because they’re actually fighting crime, and not that part of the force writing fucking parking tickets.  It’s like complaining that SEAL teams use a disproportionate number of rounds in combat, when they are actually out killing fuzzies instead of pushing guard duty on Stateside bases.

And the reason these cops are also responsible for a “disproportionate” number misconduct complaints is because a) they often have to make life-or-death decisions in milliseconds and b) because the Dindus they come up against on a daily basis have relatives who think their choirboy sons are innocent lil’ chilluns, and the cops are the bad guys.

To coin a phrase:  let New York City sink.

I can’t remember how many of my Readers actually live in that shithole, but if there are any… guys, you need to get real and GTFO, before it gets real on you.  Remember this?

With the disbanding of the anti-crime units, it’s gonna get worse — much worse.


  1. I read KdT every day:
    it’s far better than Fiorello reading the comics on Sundays.

  2. That reply SBK received should be the SOP of the authorities with an added, “once you’re done, we’ll clean up the mess, and charge the perps relatives for the cost.”

      1. Well, if only one party is still alive, I guess they get to write the history….

        1. and the party left alive after the cops shoot you for killing the rioters will be the police…

  3. I trust SBK responded along the lines of, “Thank you for authorising the use of lethal force.” I expect the police would be round very quickly.

    1. It’s New York Fucking City. The cops know that the hapless homeowners only have, at best, a broomstick or kitchen knife at their disposal.

      1. Does NYFC regulate bows and arrows?
        Can bow hunters get curare legally anymore?

      2. Well Kim, that would at least leave them better armed than the Wehr, er, Bundes, er, German army….

  4. Here’s a thought experiment for you, Kim.
    Unbeknownst to you but known to the constabulary lives a miscreant in your neighborhood.
    They decide to execute a no-knock warrant and are dressed in plain clothes.
    Just one problem. It’s your door they break down.
    You awake to the sound of a splintered door jamb and see people in your house with guns drawn.
    What do you do?
    Do you stop and ask, “Who are you?” or do you instinctively grab the 1911 on your bedside table and start sending lead downrange?
    Based on your writings I’d bet on the latter.
    I’ll tell you this, too. If you met them with a gun drawn they won’t stop to ask who YOU are. They’ll be sending lead downrange.
    This is a “what if” but it has happened more than a few times with the home’s residents being the ones carried out in body bags.

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