Blithering Idiots

Here’s a priceless piece of governmental stupidity:

It is, as they say nowadays, to LOL.

The question thus begged, especially with the ban on extra-domicile sex, is of course:  how the FUCK are you going to enforce all that?

All this nonsense is just clear evidence of government bureaucrats having too much time on their hands, to be able to come up with all these nitpicking stupid rules.

And for those who think we Murkins are much better than that, I invite you to peruse the federal tax code sometime.

Except that the godless fucking I.R.S. is quite capable of, and quite prepared to enforce every last little clause and sub-clause, the fuckers.

The rioters on both sides of the Atlantic are burning the wrong buildings.


  1. So it’s ok to have a Muslim pedophile grooming gang, but not for normal Brits to have a backyard BBQ?

  2. Being a native Texan, I understand them furriners don’t speak proper English. So, what exactly is a “garden” in England? Cause a garden in Texas is all business, growing fruit and veggies to eat. I sure don’t want other people traipsing around in it, much less having sex. And maybe I’m missing out (been married faithfully the past 25 years), but I’ve never been to a backyard cookout and had sex with the neighbors.

    And a “paddling pool”? If that’s the same as those plastic Walmart kiddie pools, I have had sex in one of those. But seeing as how all the houses in the neighborhood are 2 story, you gotta think carefully about pool placement. I just don’t see doing that during a garden party. But maybe paddling pool is something different.

    It’s all rather confusing.

    1. In England, a “garden” is any plants you grow outdoors around your house, including the grassy patch Americans calla “lawn”.

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