This article got me thinking — or rather, its title did:

Rules for a deconfinement dinner party

I thought about it for a while (about 30 seconds), and came up with Kim’s Rules For A Post-Lockdown Party:

  • invite a group of really good friends, or family members you get along with, or both
  • have an ocean of fine booze at the ready — in my case, Glen Morangie single malt;  Sipsmith gin;  champagne (for New Wife, her favorite tipple);  a case of Barefoot wines, in different colors;  two cases of decent beer;  a bottle or two of Tawny Port;  Richelieu brandy;  and whatever the guests want to drink (prearranged)
  • a huge rib roast (or leg of lamb), accompanied by roast potatoes and -parsnips, asparagus, and some other veg TBD by New WIfe, along with crusty French bread and farm butter;  with peach cobbler dessert and vanilla ice cream (dieters, vegans and teetotalers, needless to say, are persona non grata).

And that’s it. Good food, lots of booze and good company, all seated together round the dinner table at the proper social distance (12″-18″ apart), and have at it.

Of course, those are my ingredients for any decent dinner party, but let’s not get all bogged down with details.


  1. Kim sed: “…ocean of fine booze…”
    Probably the best thing I’ll read today. lol

  2. I butcher my own game and once did a saddle of venison roast from a smallish doe. It was smashing, I’ve done a few more, but it turns out any good butcher can do an equally good, or maybe better, saddle of lamb. Just think of all of the animal’s porterhouse and T-Bone steaks in one roast, yum.

    Go easy on us dieters. I’m on a permanent diet but on dinner party day I eat a huge meal and pay for it the day before by and the day after by fasting.

    1. Well, yeah. I don’t eat like that EVERY day, either.

      But I expect my dinner guests to make an exception to their diet for that one occasion… otherwise, what’s the point of life?

  3. If you’re serving lamb, I’ll echo Fred and ask you to consider serving the saddle, and serve it with Sauce Paloise and a Pinot Noir from Alsace – a very light red wine which goes marvelously with lamb.

    I’m salivating already.

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