Generally speaking, not many state governors are that well known outside their own borders, for obvious reasons.  But the Chinkvirus mania has made some of them nationally (if not internationally) prominent — albeit for the wrong reasons.  The most famous, after NY’s Vito Corleone Cuomo and CA’s Vladimir Gavin Lenin Newsom, has been Michigan’s Irma Grese Gretchen Witless Witmer, the latter not being helped by the fact that she actually does look like a concentration camp guard.

Another rising star among the infamous is Portlandia Oregon governor Kate Brown, who while not as evil-looking as Witmer, still has that basilisk-apparatchik appearance first made famous by Hillary Bitch Clinton:

Why do all Marxist women end up looking like cheap copies of Rosa Luxemburg?  Even (to switch countries for a moment) New Zealand’s Prime Lesbian Minister Jacinda Ardern is, in addition to being a gun-controller, quite ghastly:

(What amazed me about the above is that with a name like Jacinda Ardern, I originally thought she was Black.  My bad.)

The only thing which can mitigate the appearance of these Marxist harpies is that occasionally they can have redeeming physical characteristics which can take one’s gaze from their face.  Case in point:  Gretchen Whitmer:

Even the Senior Troll Speaker of the House, ol’ Red Nancy herself, is similarly constructed (seen here with another gun controller):

Nevertheless, it can safely be said that no matter how attractive the superstructure of these Commies, nothing — and I mean nothing — should distract us from the utter foulness of their totalitarian philosophy.  I’m not saying, of course, that they should end up like their figurehead Rosa Luxemburg — shot dead and their bodies tossed into a canal — but the sooner they and their political leanings are discredited, marginalized and forgotten, the better for all of us.

Afterthought:  my apologies for all the strikeouts above.  Clearly, I need more coffee.


  1. It’s because they’ve been issued the standard Mark I Mod 0 Resting Bitch Face.

    And regarding Gretchen Wilmer, no rackage can overcome her being a despotic Democrat.

  2. Kim, you owe us an antidote by gathering up a gallery of good-looking Republican women like Nikki Haley, Sarah Palin, Kristi Noem, and Kayleigh McEnany. And i mean soon Arrrrgh.

  3. A second thought. If any woman comes out of this quarantine without her roots showing ( Look above for examples.), won’t that be prima facie evidence of a violation?

    1. Pompeo Posar, a Playboy Magazine photographer once said that inner beauty doesn’t start showing until around age thirty. As these photos of Leftist women show, so does inner ugliness.

  4. I notice your mention of Oregon governess Kate ‘Moonbeam’ Brown was carefully structured to avoid noting its gender.
    I long suspected the governess is a fellow dressing as a gal.
    A ‘drag’ as they say.
    That sort of thing is all the rage these days.


    I stand corrected:
    Oregon governess Kate ‘Moonbeam’ Brown is not genetically related to California ex-governor Edmund ‘Moonbeam’ Brown.
    This tidbit came to me via somebody quoting the fluidic collection of gossip and rumors known as ‘Wikipedia’.
    And apparently, the nick-name of current California head-bureaucrat — Gavin The Nuisance, or simply ‘Nuisance’ — is considered cute… but not descriptive enough to warrant a warrant of impeachment.
    So far.

    My definition of ‘fluidic’ — responding to pressure(s).

    1. Good one. “Fluidic”: Even less resistant to pressure than “Plastic.”
      Hence the Austrians’ reference to Kurt Waldheim as “Pudding”.

  5. When referring to the boobies on these broads, the appropriate compliment is, “Good work! Who did you go to?”

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