News Roundup

Short takes and outtakes:

…[sigh] they grow up so quickly, these days.


…next, they’ll be saying the same thing about a situation going “tits up” and a mistake being called a “cock-up”.

tyrannical judge says do this, cops say fuck you.  In Houston.

…it’s still the most dangerous place on Earth, only now it’s because of Muslims and not airborne cobras.

and yet, he wasn’t executed on the spot.  Because California.

I think that should read “COSMETICS” watchdog.

Coronavirus: Calls for price controls dismissed as ‘economically illiterate’
which of course they are.  Read the article to remind yourselves, if you’ve forgotten the arguments.

and absolutely NO PRIZES will be awarded for correctly guessing the ethnicity or national origins of the rioters.


  1. Of course, that mask order has the loophole for those with medical or psychological conditions which would be exacerbated by wearing a mask. And just like you cant ask someone for proof that that service animal is a real service animal, and what their condition is which requires it, they cant ask for proof of said claimed condition, since it would violate HIPAA.

    I think almost everyone would find it stressful being forced on pain of hefty fine or jail time to obey a blatantly unconstitutional order. And since increasing stress is a psych issue, and wearing the mask is exacerbating it…..

    I have idiots who won’t let me get a word in edgewise to tell them I don’t have to “obey the law” (which it isn’t, it’s an executive order, let’s be pedantic here) because of medical issues (already short of breath, and masks are one of the few things which get me claustrophobic), and these same eejits aren’t wearing theirs correctly and are constantly touching their face and everything else within reach. And getting too close to me all the better to deliver their lectures. Grrrrrr.

    1. Maybe that’s what is annoying me so much about wearing a mask. I’ve been using my old Scout neckerchief tied like an old west bankrobber because the cup masks are just too impervious to air. Perhaps it is claustrophobia. All I know is it is a big effort to “suit up” to go outside here in Commiefornia, and wearing it through the market is so annoying, in the words of Charles M. Russell, “A shepherd dog wouldn’t associate with me.”
      But on a lighter note, I’ve also had Waylon Jennings’s song going through my head, “Don’t you think this outlaw bit’s done gotten outta hand?”

    2. I have been “self-isolating” since March 11th. What that means, basically, is that I now have an excuse to stay home and not answer the door, which I have been doing for years now anyway, so I’m pretty good at it.

      As my years increase, my health decreases. I was “officially” diagnosed with COPD six or seven years ago, though I dealt with the symptoms for years before that. Recently, a diagnosis of allergic asthma has been added as icing on my particular cake. Simply put: breathing is sometimes difficult. Wearing a mask while shopping in a “big box” store, causes me to feel light-headed and oxygen starved by the time I return home, requiring that I use oxygen. Luckily, I can make a list and someone else will do the shopping.

      The few times I venture out without a mask, I am saddened and maybe surprised at the know-nothings who try to tell me how to run my life. I am one of those “at-risk” people, so I have been tested and found clear of the disease. I feel like I should wear a copy of my lab results hung from my neck, just to shut them up.

      Bottom line: I don’t have the disease; I probably won’t get the disease as I just don’t expose myself to people who might have the disease. Stay away from me if you think I’m a carrier. We’ll both be happier for it.

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