Monday Funnies

Mondays now exist only as a milestone whereon we mark “x weeks since we began the lockdown”.  So today we’re only going to look at the wonders of Nature:

No, we’re not.

Or, more to the point:

And on with Teh Chinkvirus-Related Funny:

And to return to the subject of Nature’s wonders, the hills:

And to end on a musical note:

Yer welcome.


  1. “Like Rhinestone Cowboy”

    You are an evil, evil man, Kim. Now I need some of that bleach, and no one has any!

    1. “I find that Thibault cancels out Capa Ferro”

      I find that ZZ Top cancels out Glen Campbell

  2. The Rhinestone Cowboy thing worked on me, too. I’m going to queue up some Riders In The Sky. They always make me happier.

  3. I liked Glen Campbell. Now if you’d mentioned MacArthur Park, I ‘d have to stop coming here.

  4. I’m beginning to hate all of you commenters now… especially the ear worm ones…


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