Wait… You Mean This Is NORMAL?

Hector Drummond (who is rapidly becoming my go-to guy in matters of Britishland Chinkflu stats) has some graphs*, and comes to this conclusion (my emphasis):

Even I am astonished by these graphs.  I was expecting to see something in the graphs by week 13, even if I wasn’t expecting anything scary.  But there’s just nothing.  And you can’t say the lockdown caused this, because the UK lockdown had only been going for four days by this time.  We’ve locked down the country for a supposed mass killer that still isn’t visible in the stats even after the lockdown was declared.  We locked the country down for something that at the time only existed in Neil Ferguson’s dodgy computer models.

Our numbers may (repeat:  may ) be better than the BritGov’s, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that our response to the Chinkvirus has been as overblown and pointless as theirs.

*I’m not sure, but I believe that “ONS” stands for Office of National Statistics.  Maybe one of my Brit Readers can confirm.


  1. My concern is that once the public becomes convinced (probably rightly, but I’m not sure…yet) that the response was overblown this time, they might not respond to government mandates if we ever get hit with something that really runs the death toll up, such as Ebola or an actual Bioweapon.

    Proving once again that Government has two basic modes: No Reaction and Overreaction.

  2. Yes, ONS is the Office for National Statistics.

    The Times today reported that we have passed 10,000 deaths from CV. Hector is ignoring the possibility that the order to self-isolate came in time.

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