Monday Funnies

As we enter yet another week of self-isolation:

…perhaps we should return to an ancient and time-honored cure for boredom:

Just remember that not everyone is in favor of the activity:

But ignoring all that, let us proceed with Teh Funny:

At 25c a pop (so to speak), most men would be a millionaire by age 19.  And for those of us who are into flow [sic]  charts:




Finally, to continue with the theme (and perhaps add a little motivation):

Oh, I almost forgot:

So, for my (distressingly-few) Lady Readers:

And to end as we started, with a little classical take:

…and a public health service announcement:

So be careful out there:


  1. And being part of your regular readership, the first thing I noticed in the Kitten posting was the Browning Hi Power.

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