Unnecessary Protection

I see that despite his support for MOAR Gun Control, Doddering Joe Biden has decided to surround himself with armed Secret Service agents, exactly like his erstwhile boss did:

Now that’s all very well, but unless there are a few disgruntled Bernie Bros around, I cannot see any danger whatsoever coming in Biden’s direction — certainly not from the Usual Suspects (e.g. the Beer ‘n Treason Crowd, which meets informally in country bars and gun shops all over the U.S.), and certainly not from any other conservatives in this  election season.

I know that there’s considerable irony — not to mention hypocrisy — in arming your bodyguards with all the guns you want to ban from private ownership, but having no social conscience to speak of, socialists are largely immune from guilt or indeed irony.

What I think should happen is that Biden should limit his security detail to carrying only the type of guns the old fart once suggested are  okay — double-barreled shotguns — just as a token gesture on his part.

Don’t hold your breath.


  1. Yes, and if you look closely at the caravan of extreme duty SUVs in a presidential motorcade, there’s one or more in front of “The Beast” with SS agents, also just behind, then one special one made by Dillon Aero*, and pulling up the rear is one fitted out as a ambulance.

    * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9IgDLhFMAI

  2. Actually, I would love to see the Secret Service detail walking along toting double barrel shotguns. Especially if wearing oilcloth dusters & with SA Colts on their hip. Think of the visual!

    Oh, and JLW’s link to the Dillon has me drooling all over my keyboard. Want!

  3. “….socialists are largely immune from guilt or indeed irony.”
    Yup. But they make up for that by being the all time gold medal winners in hypocrisy.

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