MOAR Gun Control

From some Commie mayor in California [redundancy alert] comes this opinion:

[A]fter customers lined up around gun stores in several counties Tuesday — including outside the Bullseye Bishop in San Jose — San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo declared that “gun stores are non-essential.”
“We are having panic buying right now for food,” Liccardo said Wednesday. “The one thing we cannot have is panic buying of guns.”

Why not?  Actually, if there’s a risk of society breaking down (e.g. L.A.’s Rodney King riots), that’s precisely the time when law-abiding people have an absolute need for guns.

However, as this little Stalinist is in charge of San Jose (home to the largest per-capita population of socialists outside San Francisco or Seattle), I say:  fuck ’em.  They voted him into office, let them deal with the consequences thereof.

And when the Unwashed Horde comes a-callin’ for some impromptu undocumented property redistribution, most of the good citizens of San Jose won’t be able to defend themselves — although Hizzoner, protected by the mayor’s Praetorian Guard, won’t ever have that problem now, will he?

The same kind of thing is happening in D.C. and Philadelphia as well, but I’ve long since ceased to care about those shitholes.

However, there is one unexpected light in the looming darkness:

When Illinois Gov. J.B. [“Fatboi”] Pritzker (D) issued an executive order Friday to put a statewide shutdown in place, he exempted gun and ammunition stores by labeling them “essential.”

Illinois?  Illinois??  ILLINOIS???  Talk about unexpected.  Had you asked me earlier, I would have put Fatboi near the top of the list of socialist governors standing in line to use the Wuhan virus excuse to hack away at gun dealers’ businesses.

He’s still a total asshole, but hey… I’ll take ’em where I get ’em.


  1. Kim,

    This morning in my email news feeds I saw the bit about Fatboi Toilet-Yanker Pritzker declaring gun shops, etc., as essential. I read the story from AmmoLand and almost fell out of my desk chair !!! That said, a buddy of mine who lives close by bAssPro in Gurnee, IL said their ammo stocks are down to near zero. These are strange times in which we are living.

  2. In Illinois, aren’t there already onerous (and odious) burdens to meet before one can buy ammunition?
    I recall something about a FOAD card and licensing fees and testing to get that.

    1. @Windy … FOAD card – that’s funny.

      The way it works here in IL-Annoy … you need a FOID card to buy guns and/or ammo. At present, there is NOT a requirement for classroom training (there is for the CCL, along with live-fire), and the FOID is $10 for ten years. This could change .. House Amendment #1 and #3 of IL Senate Bill 1966 – SB1966 – is the proposed “Fix the FOID” act. It changes things – dramatically. However, the bill is stuck in committee. While it has support in the greater Chicago region, there is considerable opposition in “down state” and more rural areas of IL. The ISRA (IL State Rifle Association) is closely following this.
      SB1966 among other things changes the FOID term to 5 years, increases the cost to $20, and mandates the new- or renewal-applicant submit fingerprints at their own time/expense. Estimates are the total cost of applying for or renewing a FOID under this scheme could surpass $300 …. don’t get me started. I dealt with this sh*t when I lived under the commie government of The Peoples’ Republik of mAssachusetts.

  3. San Jose’s Burgermeister has a stange definition of “panic buying” if he doesn’t know that CA requires a 240-hour (10-day) waiting period for the purchase of firearms (Yes, the CA DoJ/Firearms Bureau is that slow in conducting background checks – and, I put 240-hour for a purpose: If you transfer the firearm even one-hour short of that wait, you (the dealer) are liable for fines or worse).
    The same rule applies to the “One Gun A Month” rule: You cannot call in a DROS (Dealer’s Report Of Sale, aka Universal Background Check) for a new sale to a customer who has not had 720-hours transpire since his previous DROS.

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