News Roundup

All the non-coronavirus news that’s fit to print:

…oh wait, there was some sorta-non-coronavirus news recently (links in the pics):

…rough guess, the same way they’ve always cleaned them:  badly, and not often enough.

…and this despite all the efforts of the media, Hollywood and the socialists [some overlap] to bring him down.

…nice to see that in these difficult times, people still have their priorities rightActually, the story is even funnier than that.

Okay, one coronavirus-linked news piece that, strictly speaking, isn’t about the coronavirus:

…yeah, rich Manhattanite New Yorkers are total assholes.  Who knew?

And finally, some very good non-virus news:

I always thought the blonde dye job made her look trashy, compared to her earlier “natural” look:

A good note to end on, I think.


  1. “Splendid Isolation”
    What a wonderfully prophetic name for a blog. Hang in there, my friend.

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