More Doubles

In a long-ago post (worth a read, BTW) I bemoaned the fact that my age-addled brain is having difficulty telling people apart.  Now there’s a new one:

Left:  Oz actor Hugh Jackman, and right:  Brit actor Richard Armitage.  I was watching The Stranger*  on Netflix the other night, and when Armitage first appeared onscreen I thought that Jackman had given up X-Men and was getting into Brit TV roles.

*Kim’s ranking:  5 out of 10 because the plot has more gaping holes than the 10pm dockside shift during Fleet Week.


  1. Freaking Brits all kinda look alike to me with their beady eyes, except for the Royals who have real big ears sticking out each side of their kind of Kraut Flat Heads and the Brits speak something like English and I need sub titles to watch their TV shows. Oh Well, we can’t all be living in Texas.

  2. In one of the rooms of the Wallace Collection there’s an 18th century picture of a man with a striking similarity to Oliver Reed.

  3. A woman would never have a problem distinguishing between these two images. My estrogen tells me the one on the left would be so worth it. The one on the right? Well, he seems like a nice chap.

  4. Before you beat yourself up too much, during my younger years I had an odd issue telling Patrick Swayze, Kurt Russell, and Jeff Bridges apart from each other.

    I still get Lance Henriksen and Scott Glenn confused (though those two DO look similar, in defense).

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