Come Onnnn Powerball

Oh good grief.  Just when I thought I was over my Alfa Romeo infatuation comes this creature:

“Now Kim,”  you may well ask, “WTF were you thinking about — if Alfa Romeos are generally unreliable, pre-WWII Alfas practically define the genre!”

Aha.  But this isn’t  a pre-WWII Alfa.  To paraphrase the sales brochure:

Factory-approved recreation with 1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia underpinnings (1,570-cc inline four-cylinder; five-speed manual transmission).  Beautifully outfitted with retro-inspired aluminum coachwork by Zagato.  Finished in striking Rosso over Nero leather.

In other words, all you have to worry about is 1960s-era  Alfa unreliability.  That’s so  much better.

Anyway:  no airbags, no useless fucking doodads like lane change warnings, electrically-operated wing mirrors, and all that modern computerized shit that adds cost but not much else.

Like me, this Gran Sport is completely and utterly useless in today’s oh-so modern world.

I don’t care.  I’ll drive it, and die like a man.  With my pre-WWI gun strapped to my belt.



  1. Yes, yes, and 2 more yes’s. Man, that ride has it all. Scale, balance, symmetry. Know what does it for me? That leather strap over the hood. Look out, I’m gettin’ wobbly. 5 speed. Dawg! Just like my little truck, oh so familiar. Never been a big fan of red but I’d quickly get over it. Jeez, I’d cut an 8′ wide door in the front of our house and park that little beauty right in the middle of the living room and keep it surgically spotless continuously. And if anyone else living here said even one defiant syllable I’d start issuing knuckle sandwiches with both hands at the same time.

    1. Too big, not a sports car.
      Although it did get a nod of approval from New Wife, in a decent color, of course.

    2. Nothing like a fine Packard roadster……but, without a RH photo, can’t tell if it has a Golf Bag Compartment?

  2. That is a beauty!

    Dave S

    P.S. Look! The IT guy finally got logged in to WP. The world is about to end.

  3. Now we’re talking. What a nice combination. I’ll bet it sounds nice, too. Just the ticket for a summer’s evening drive in New England, or a crisp fall day here in New Hampshire.

  4. Yes please. Skinny Tires, Drum Brakes, Wire Wheels, Beehive Tail Lights, No HP, Poor Lights, Italian Electrics, Marginal Handling, Nice Garage Queen and Tour Participant. But I wouldn’t stray very far from home with it unless you also had your own “follow Truck” like the last owner.

    1. See, that’s the problem with the young people of today: no sense of adventure.
      Oh, and it has disc brakes — 1968 model Giulia, remember?

        1. He forgot side curtains, too. If I wanted a Toyota Camry, I know where to get one.

    2. Apparently, one does not realize that one would have their trusty batman from the war driving the Phantom following in case of mechanical mishap whilst driving about the Appenines.

  5. That is really a pretty little car and it would be a blast to drive. I looks as if it will auction off for more than $100K and if someone will buy it for me that would be fine. I put a lot of miles on some old British sports cars and miss the feeling of driving with no power anything and you don’t stay put going around the corners, you slide and glide which was kind of fun too.

  6. Dunno, I rented a convertible on the Hawaiian Big Island and fried my brains for about 3 hours before putting up the rag top and the air at the same time. I even tried driving under that blazing sun with the top down and the air on full and all I got was completely dehydrated.

    You’re in a hot part of Texas, no?

    1. All parts of Texas are hot.
      I’d still do it, albeit for short trips e.g. taking New Wife out on dates, etc.

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