Rolling Back The Tide

While the incompetent asswipe known as President #44 never saw a process that shouldn’t be controlled by Gummint, God-Emperor Trump and his crew disagree — especially when faced with a real  emergency:

The Trump administration has rolled back a Food And Drug Administration rule instituted by President Barack Obama that has stalled coronavirus testing at the state level.
The rule in question previously required state-run laboratories to only run medical tests pre-approved by the F.D.A.
“We believe this policy strikes the right balance during this public health emergency,” said FDA Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn of the rule change. “We will continue to help to ensure sound science prior to clinical testing and follow-up with the critical independent review from the FDA, while quickly expanding testing capabilities in the U.S.
“This action today reflects our public health commitment to addressing critical public health needs and rapidly responding and adapting to this dynamic and evolving situation.”

And so say all of us.  No doubt, Obama’s minions wouldn’t have cared if a thousand people died (e.g. the H1N1 episode), as long as everything was being controlled by the federal government.  And now a medical opinion:


  1. Schmucki Schumer, and the WaPoop “conservative” Jen Rubin, to blame Trump for mandating use of non-FDA approved test kits in 10…9…8…
    Adam Schiff-for-brains sits in corner sucking his thumb.

  2. The local Polit Bureau closed down all the schools on Tuesday when one of the students who had just returned from a school sponsored trip to Italy came down with the sniffles. His family members had been properly dispersed into various local schools, so in order to further spread the sense of panic they closed everything, cancelled all next week including sports events and spent thousands to have everything cleaned.

    Today the tests came back — He has a common cold.

    But everything is still cancelled —- Must be Trumps fault.

    1. Case of better safe than sorry I can agree with.
      Children are a definite vector for this disease. One gets infected, infects others at school even though not symptomatic, and so it spreads to parents.

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