Grammar, Grandma

I have often noted that poor grammar acts as a comprehension speed-bump — when one is reading something, a mistake makes one stop and say, “Whut?”  Here’s an example.  In an otherwise-fine examination of a politician’s fuckup, Driscoll made me say “Whut?”  (twice), viz.:

The past tense of “slay” is “slew”.  As in:  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ “Lil’ David slew Golia’ an’ shouted for joy”.  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪


  1. I luvs watching communist politicians pumping their own coin back into the economy.
    Imagine the mindset of someone that can blow 1/2 a bil for nothing of tangible worth and not bat an eye.
    Tell you what, if I had half a bil I’d buy me an island in a decent climate and fully stock it in all ways and nobody would ever see my ass again.

  2. By the time Mini Mike threw in his rather small towel, he had blown nearly $800 million.

  3. The past tense of “slay” is “slew”.

    Bear in mind the guy who wrote the post is the one some commenters call No crEd.

  4. It’s also wrong. The article, I mean.

    Sure, Bloomie blew through a bazillion dollars. But he, and Soros, and Steyer, have been buying elections for other Democrap officials for YEARS now. Heck, that was one of the things that hacked off Democrats about Steyer and Bloomberg entering the race; their patronage was often used to support other Dem candidates.

    One failure does not a dead myth make.

  5. How about “in tact” for intact; e.g., “He arrived in tact.” – where the hell is tact? I began seeing sloppy crap like that much too often, and is one of the reasons I cancelled my local fishwrap years ago. For the most part, letters to the editor were better grammatically and organizationally than the news, and that should be the other way around, considering that the reporters and editors are supposedly professional writers.

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