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Oh NOES we’re not going to meet our gooooooooooaaaaaaaallll!

Not a single country is on course to meet targets to reverse spiralling obesity rates by 2025, a damning report has revealed.
Countries are ‘worryingly off-track’ to meet World Health Organization targets agreed to by member states, according to the World Obesity Federation (WOF).
Research suggests there is a less than a 10 per cent chance the world will meet targets within five years, while the UK and US have zero chance.
Around 200 countries had pledged to significantly cut their obesity levels by making sure levels didn’t rise any more from 2010.

Wait just a fucking minute.  “World Obesity Federation”?  When the hell did this quango come into being, how  is it funded, and how much do its members get paid?

I am so sick of self-important fuckwits telling me how to live my life:  what to eat and drink, how to spend my money, when I can do this or that, what cars should look like, how much water toilets may use when flushed, where I can and can’t shoot my guns, what light bulbs I can and can’t use, et cetera, et cetera, et  fucking cetera.

The world is getting fatter because people are no longer two meals away from starvation (which was the case for pretty much most of human existence until about 1970), and our metabolisms haven’t adjusted — because this stuff takes a lot longer than a few years, and it does not respond to scolding, shaming and guilt-making.

“Oh but that’s unhealthy and if you don’t do what we tell you, you’re gonna diiieeee!” comes the perpetual whine of Busybodies International (the parent company of the World Obesity Federation, also of the Federal Highway Administration, the Food & Drug Administration, et al.)

Well, to use a Texas expression:  fuck all y’all.

It’s a little early to have another pint of gin, but it’s never too early for one of of these:

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  1. Here’s my problem with the “Obesity epidemic” – they keep changing the definition of “obese”, and the same pathetic fuckwits who can’t figure out what’s good to eat or not are the same idiots telling people how fat they are.

    When they instituted the Body Mass Index bullshit in the 90’s, Michael Jordan got listed as “obese”. Yeah. At the height of his playing days. I have example after example of people who are listed as “obese” who are running at below 20% body fat, sometimes less than half that number.

    These people were screaming that eggs were bad, but then suddenly oops, eggs are good. For years it was butter bad, margarine good, but suddenly oops, margarine isn’t as good for you anymore and you should eat butter instead. Red meat would kill you dead, until it suddenly wouldn’t. And the whole “Low Fat/High Carb” diet that the government has been pushing since the 1970’s is the single largest cause of the obesity epidemic in the first place.

    The so-called experts couldn’t find their nutritional ass with a map, compass, flashlight and a pair of hunting dogs.

    1. Don’t like the dietary advice you’re getting? Wait five years.

      Also; can we STOP calling it an obesity EPIDEMIC, please. An epidemic is an out of control communicable disease. Are these f*ckwits afraid that some germ is going to make them fat?

    2. Yeah, the BMI. When I was at OCS back in the early 90s, we had one guy who constantly ran up against that number. Now, if you looked at him, you would see a mountain of muscle. The man had trouble passing the swim test because it was hard for him to float, his body fat was so low. But, the BMI numbers weren’t good…

      1. Back in the 60’s, I maxed the Army PT test, could do 100+ situps and 100+ pushups in two minutes each, but based on BMI, I was fat. Being shaped like Taz, the cartoon Tazmanian devil – broad shoulders and short legs – made it happen.

  2. What I want to know is how government organizations can promise that INDIVIDUALS will become less obese, and how they thought they were going to make that happen. Food cops in every grocery store, determining if you’re already obese and, if so, removing unhealthy items from your cart and replacing them with healthy alternatives? They’d find themselves festooning trees.

      1. The Gulag Archipelago Diet was very effective. Less enjoyable than the South Beach Diet, but less recidivism, too.

  3. Dear World Obesity Federation:

    While I might sympathize with your anxiety over not being able to meet your goal of thinning out the masses, perhaps you’re just setting your sights too high. Maybe you should try smaller bites first, instead of trying to eat the entire cake.

    For instance, how about trying to cure “bat-wing” arms, or flabby thighs, or the ever-advertised “unsightly belly fat,” as seen on TV every day. Better still, how about trying to reduce the size of all those fat-headed politicians who fund your organization in the first place.

    As for me, I’ve been a “husky boy” since I was nine years old. Now, some sixty years later, with the exception of the years I was part of the “lean, mean,” military, I’ve been well-fed and happy all my life. My blood sugars are acceptable (as long as I limit my alcohol,) and my cholesterol levels are good enough to keep my doctors from screaming at me.

    WOF, the joke is on you. I and millions like me, will go to our graves fat and sassy, and happy for all the beer we’ve had, all the fried foods we’ve enjoyed, the thousands of burgers and buckets of chicken we’ve consumed, and some of us even SMOKED! Come see me on my next birthday and tell me how I’m eating myself into an early grave. But don’t get too close to the birthday cake; it could be hazardous to your health.

    1. I read once that if you managed to avoid Cardiovascular disease, once you were into your seventies, being heavier was a life-prolonging feature, as you had some weight to lose if you became sick with some sort of long term ailment.

  4. Most of the food available to common folk is so inundated with unhealthy stuff it is almost impossible to NOT be obese. Sugar, salt, pea dust and other things swept up from the factory floors are in almost everything and what hasn’t been injected with that stuff was genetically altered by Monsanto and ADM with who knows what. To add insult to injury, the overpowering entity that caused all of that is the same one wagging it’s finger.

  5. Government mandated starvation diets incoming in Europe…
    Kinda wondering why they’ve not yet made a rule like that here, “for the environment” and “to cut on healthcare cost”.

  6. We have this sudden “obesity epidemic” because once people were used to the idea of a Body Mass Index, the categories were shifted downwards, so if you weren’t built like an Olympic Marathoner, you were fat, and all the other categories shifted as well. Kind of like arbitrarily changing the minimum wage.

  7. The guy who developed this measure in the 1830s, a Belgian astronomer, didn’t consider it a good measure for the uses it has been pressed into. One of our Mids was bounced from the USNA when he flunked the swim test because his body was so dense he couldn’t float. Was he fit? H3ll yes. Would he have jumped off a sinking vessel without a floatation device? H3ll, no! The female Mids, on the other hand, have had no problems with the swim test. Not that they aren’t great kids. One wants to be a mud marine, two others, sisters, grew up in China, and are fluent in Chinese having gone to Chinese schools when their FBI dad was stationed in Beijing, and lastly we have an ethnically Chinese Mid from Brooklyn who’s studying Arabic. OBTW The third sister comes next year.

  8. Nothing clarifies your attitude like hearing that your long time Doctor passed away at his desk from a heart attack. …. and he was 2 years younger than me and always on my case to lose some more weight.

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