Under Water

As some may be aware, the Brits have been getting slammed by storm after storm after storm, bringing rain, floods, gales, more rain, more floods, more gales, and now… snow.

Even the stiff upper lip of Mr. Free Market is trembling, as witnessed by something he sent me yesterday:

Although I must say that the views on the FM estate are quite lovely:

Yeah,I know: according to the global warmists, snowfalls in Britain were supposed to be a thing of the past.  So who are you going to believe:  a bunch of watermelon alarmists and panic-stirring journalists [some overlap], or your own lying eyes?


  1. See what happens when you leave the EU.
    Personally I think they should import some more dykes from Holland.

  2. No, Kim, you’ve missed the message of Global Climate Change.

    Here’s how it goes:

    If it’s WARMER than expected, it’s because of “climate change.”

    If it’s COLDER than expected, it’s because of “climate change.”

    If we get MORE RAIN AND SNOW than usual, it’s because of “climate change.”

    If we get LESS RAIN AND SNOW than usual, it’s because of “climate change.”

    If we get MORE HURRICANES it’s because of “climate change.”

    If we have FEWER HURRICANES it’s because of “climate change.”

    And finally, if it is EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT WAS LAST YEAR AND THE YEAR BEFORE, that is CLEARLY one of the disastrous and irreversible effects of “Climate Change”, which will surely kill us all.

    1. Staff,
      You’re as bad as I am. You didn’t list all the other undeniable manifestations of Oncoming Climate Disaster, e.g. bush fires in Australia, droughts in Africa, earthquakes who knows where, ditto tsunamis (like hurricanes, either more frequent or less frequent, both scenarios being pointers towards the planet’s doom).
      You Denier, you.

  3. I don’t know what all the fuss is about: it’s been blazing sunshine all day up here in Aberdeen. Yesterday was wet but before that it was lovely and sunny too.

      1. A steady diet of “Blazing Sunshine” will have the brains of all the ScotNats completely fried – and they may start to make sense.

      2. Doesn’t that just mean “the overcast was light enough you could sometimes make out the disk of the sun through it?”

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