ULD Reminder

The deadline for entries to the ULD rifle draw is this Saturday (Feb 29).  Details are back here, for those who’ve been living on the planet Manhattan till now.

All entries postmarked after this date will be returned, so get things rolling if you still want to participate.

If anyone would like to contribute further to my Boomershoot expedition this year (ammo, travel costs, shooting shelter, etc.), feel free to do so.  Just send your check with “BS Fund” on the Memo line, and I will accept your contribution with thanks.


  1. It’s not that I mind watching as my checkbook loses weight (particularly for a good cause such as the BS Fund), and I know that PayPal has gone anti-gun (I’m still looking around for a good alternative), it’s just that I pay enough in taxes that I prefer not spending another $0.55 to send anything via U.S. Mail; yes! I know I’m a cheap bastard.

  2. Sent it from my bank’s bill-pay service because as much as I love you, Kim, I haven’t bought a stamp or hand-written a check in years. If you need a paper trail, I’ll happily provide a copy of my Texas LTC. Don’t test me.

    1. If you have a Hilton Honors account, I can transfer you some points to use for free / reduced price lodging on your trip as well. I’d need your HHonors # and associated email address. Email me at (wordpress username)@txags.net if you like.

      Edit: Or if I booked the room in your name, you’d get free breakfast and other diamond perks, and I’d get credit for the stay.

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