Storm In A Teacup

Good grief:  does the insanity of the Left know no bounds?  (That was a rhetorical question;  we all know it doesn’t).

A Brit Conservative politician appeared in a social media post holding a bag of Yorkshire Tea:

…whereupon the Loony Left went batshit (as is their wont), threatening boycotts and wanting the company to dieeeee!

Never mind that arch-Lefty Jeremy Corbyn also  posed with a bag of the same tea brand a couple years ago.

Note:  there were no calls from conservative Brits to boycott the brand back then, because that would have been stupid.

I wish these Lefty tools would grow the fuck up.  This bullshit of “if they don’t agree with us, they must be destroyed” is getting really tiresome.

On an unrelated note, I have to point out that Taylor’s Yorkshire Tea is outstanding.  New Wife drinks only the “Gold” variety:

..and downs about eight large cups thereof per day.  The difference between the Gold and most of the regular brands we get Over Here (e.g. Lipton’s) is enormous.  If you’re a tea drinker, give it a try — you’ll thank me for it.  (I don’t want to hear from the iced tea people;  this is not a discussion about that foul stuff.)


    1. It’s foul. I’ll only order it if there’s no other non-carbonated drink available. I note that the “sweet tea” comes recommended by the American Dental Association, because it guarantees future work for dentists.

  1. A little store that sells to Russian immigrants has the best tea around here. The local grocer also has an isle with ethnic specialties for the exchange students at the college. My current favorite is “Barry’s Tea” Irish Breakfast first or English Breakfast second. I’d like to try a Scottish blend but haven’t seen any around.

    1. Barry’s is quite good, but I prefer the Yorks Gold. My kids, who are spoiled rotten, prefer Fortnum & Mason’s Royal Blend.

  2. What’s absolutely disgusting is that the local supermarkets don’t sell those bags. The largest quantity is a paltry 200 teabags. Which obviously does not last long.

    1. You guys need a Sam’s Club or Costco Over There. They’d probably sell those bags in the picture as a banded two-pack.

      1. The last time I was in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, I learned that private citizens can’t buy in bulk as we can here in Costco. A case is 48 beers times the single bottle cost. Mayor Bloomtoad would like that. Only I didn’t mean “toad.”

  3. I am with KdT – Taylors teabags makes good tea (in the tea bag category)

    My grandmother ( once a Matron at a country hospital) drilled me on making tea in a pot. Almost like a Japanese tea-ceremony compared to the convenience of a teabag!

  4. Oh, God. Sweetened iced tea is vile. The only purpose for unsweetened iced tea, is because it’s essentially given away free by the restaurants, so it is a good marker for how attentive to detail the restaurant is to things like the vegetables that come with the entrees. Another way is to order the obligatory (shudder) fish dish at a four-star steak house; that is, if you can resist the beautifully marbled and aged steaks which is the reason you go there in the first place.

  5. I like iced tea well enough. Sweet tea is only good to put out a fire with.

    I did order some of the yorkshire tea. I am interested is seeing what it is like. Have to see if what I have been drinking is any good

    Always learn something new on your site Kim.

  6. Damn if you weren’t right. I’m sitting here on the patio, watching the dogs play, drinking Yorkshire red I bought after reading this. Really nice. I buy loose tea and use a infuser cup.
    My normal is Harney & Sons black tea. This seems easier on the guts and wallet.

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