Neck Deep

I see that after much hand-wringing over the Great British Drought Of 2022, relief has finally come, in abundance:

Which just made me think of this:

As for local conditions, The Englishman assures me that all is well at the Castle;  here’s the view from his kitchen window:

…while Mr. Free Market’s estate is also fine, occupying as it does a hilltop surrounded by a few hundred acres.

And Mrs. Sorenson (a.k.a. The Catholic on these pages) reports:

“It’s been pissing down today. And yesterday. And looks likely to continue – bleddy weather. I raked up all the leaves from the grass yesterday. Fecking tree dumped a new load EXACTLY where I’d cleared them away. Nature hates me.”

So all is well, in other words.

My Kinda Weather

Lessee… daytime high in the low 40s (single digits if you’re of the French measurement persuasion), nighttime a couple degrees above freezing, overcast and occasional drizzle… yup, at this time of year, Kim’s a happy man.

I now eat oatmeal porridge or mieliepap for brekkie (by the way, dark rum tastes wonderful on porridge, don’t ask me how I know this), and I switch from iced G&T to Seffrican brandy or Whisky Macs in the evenings.

I also get to cuddle with my wife at night (instead of sweating her over to the other side of the bed).

Yeah, I can hear the chorus now:  “Why don’t you just go and live in England, where it’s like this all the time?”

Simple answer:

…and a few other reasons, like the stupid BritGov won’t let me stay unless I arrive by small boat over the Channel, and I hate all boats.

So the pic below is just an idle dream:

Real Drought

Back when I lived in the old Racist Republic, I remember reading a newspaper story of a family who lived on a farm in one of the more arid areas of the country.  One day, the farmer’s twin boys (aged 7) ran excitedly into the house and told their mother that the sky had “broken”.  When she went outside, she saw that it was raining.  The boys had never seen rain before.

In places like that, a seven-year drought is admittedly extreme, but it’s certainly not unknown.

In more temperate climes, though, a six-month drought can be seen as catastrophic:

Europe on course to suffer worst drought in 500 YEARS

You can ignore pretty much all  the copy in the above link, because it’s the same old dreary “climate change is going to kill us all” bullshit.  But the pictures are breathtaking, e.g. this one in Holland:

…where “riverboats” have become “mudboats”.

Elsewhere, you have stories like this one, where one foresighted guy has stored many thousands of gallons of rainwater in underground tanks to keep his garden going.

If I were him, though, I would have kept shtum  about it because this being Britishland, I wouldn’t put it past the local council to force him to pump it all out and “share” it with his neighbors.

Sic semper potentas.

All that said, however, the European heat wave has had some benefits:

From One To Another

Unlike the Euros and Brits, we’ve actually had a couple of rainstorms here in Plano — to be precise, one yesterday and one the day before:  nice, long soaking rains.

Did all that cold water falling out the sky actually change anything?

You silly rabbits.  This is summer in Texas, where all the rain does is make the temperature go from 120F (oven) to 118F (sauna).  I hate both;  but I also didn’t win any of the recent lottery drawings, a pox upon them, so that little clifftop shack in Bar Harbor, Maine is still off the table.

SPF500 Needed

After I woke up over the weekend to the usual morning Dallas springtime temperature of about 75F, I read in the Brit newspapers that Britishland was “baking” in midday temperatures of 72F.  And sure enough, the Pale People were flocking to the beach:

Here are a couple of closeups — as it happens, of the same three girls:

And while I’m on the topic of Brits frolicking in the sun, here’s a pic I forgot to post from Aintree, last week:

How did Britain ever lose her Empire?