The Moderates Step Forward

Going back to my earlier observations about the fucking Marxists Social Democrats wanting to “unify the country”, we have this latest little contribution from one of the so-called “moderates” among the Democrat Clown Show:

Amy Klobuchar Says English Should Not Be Official Language of U.S.

Very few public statements by today’s politicians makes me want to pack a picnic lunch, grab my Mauser and head for a tall building in D.C., but this certainly ranks in the top five.

I remember once, in one of my more fevered rants passim, saying this about language in this country:

  • Always — always — insist on speaking, and being spoken to in English, regardless of circumstance.  If the other guy continues to scream at you in Spanish, respond with random Spanish expressions such as “Tierra del Fuego!”  or my favorite, “Huevos y putas!”.  If being yelled at in Ebonics, simply say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t speak Zulu”.

Nothing divides a populace quicker and more decisively than not being able to understand what the other guy is saying, especially if bi- or multilingualism is being mandated by law.  It doesn’t work in Canada, it doesn’t work in Belgium, and it sure as hell never worked in South Africa.   In fact, everywhere bilingualism is tried, it does nothing but cause friction, enmity and in some cases, violence.

As far as I’m concerned, when a politician running for public office makes such a suggestion, it should result in automatic disqualification by their parent party.  And if that party refuses to do so, then it should face legal consequences.

I don’t care if Fernando Castro, Hua Li, Abu Hassam or any other escapees from the world’s shithole countries feel “left out” or “excluded” when they go to the DMV and can’t get anyone to talk to them, or who face incarceration because they couldn’t read the laws of this country.  Learn the language — English — or GTFO.


  1. Well, Klobuchar’s out of the running. My daughter says, “What do you want? She’s from Minnestupid anyhoo.”
    “There even are places where English completely disappears. In Minnesota, they haven’t used it for years! “

  2. I do always get a chuckle out of the horses reaction to the speaking of her name in “Young Frankenstein” though.

  3. There should only be English spoken in business and government in America. Generations of immigrants’ children have grown up translating for parents. How else can we socialize the first born children of immigrants to be the big American achievers they have been?

  4. Switzerland?? I think they have four official languages.

    But then Switzerland is exceptional in a lot of ways…and sadly seems to be losing that exceptionalism to the Euroweenie memes.

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