I must have been asleep when they put this little show on the road.  I’ve bitched before about subscription creep, when subscribing to a multitude of websites adds up pretty quickly to a sizable (and ultimately unaffordable) sum.  But this VIP Gold sub seems to be the business:

It’s a lot of money — I mean, a lot of money to hit Ye Olde Banque Accounte all at once — but to be honest, they had me at “ad-free”.

I’d ask them if this website of mine could join them in their little collective scheme, but they’d probably ask me to do stuff like tone down my fucking language, stop doing stuff like this:

…and hold off from posting pics like this:

…none of which I’m going to do , so it probably won’t happen.  Oh well.

But all those mainstream newspaper pleas for subscription can KMA.  They  aren’t worth the digital paper they’re printed on.


  1. I must admit, the vegan bukkake gif has me chuckling out loud at my desk.

    Thanks, I needed that. 😀

    1. Kneeling vegentarianist in the midst of carrot-peelers in bloomers.

      Lifted from Brazzers? Pornhub?
      I’m strangely compelled to track this down…

      Is this an example of ‘Rule 34’ — if it exists, there is porn of it?

  2. That ‘VIP’ crap started popping here on HotAir, PJ media and some others about a month ago and there is no way I am going to pay a fee to read extra crap that is usually covered elsewhere for free and I am having to see all sorts of pop up ads already…. don’t need it, don’t want it, ain’t gonna get it.

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