About Damn Time

Looks like the apparatchiks at the Centers for Disease Control are finally going to do the job they’re supposed to do:

Along with communicating with health care facilities and resources, Messonnier says that the CDC is in constant talks with the medical supplies manufacturers, distributors and other health care partners to ensure there are plenty of preventative devices like masks and gloves available in the U.S. in the event of a larger outbreak.

…as opposed to wasting time and money on invented “diseases” like “gun deaths”.


  1. ‘ Constant Talks ” is something they are good at. Actually doing something as a result of all the talking, however………..

    Not so much.

    Doing something involves risk that someone might do something wrong, and that would be bad so……. We’d better have another meeting to discuss the agenda for the next meeting.

  2. The CDC suffers from two problems that lead the the kind of ‘made up’ diseases you mention.

    1) If they’re doing their jobs properly, and nothing big is brewing (like in China, right now) it looks like they aren’t doing much, which makes them a target for cost-cutting Congresscritters. If they allow their budget to be cut during easy years, they won’t have the resources to do their job when real trouble shows up…which will get the same Congresscritters loudly demanding what the hell good are they. So, they have to look busy at all times, preferably with something popular with the ballot-lice holding the purse-strings.

    2) It’s far too easy for the kind of Public Service types who would work for CDC in the first place to get caught up in the ‘gotta look good for Congress’ work, and take it seriously. If they weren’t the sort who believed that Government was there to HELP at all times, they wouldn’t be working at CDC.

    CDC is one of the FEW Federal organizations that I think we actually need, but the two problems mean that they will waste a lot of time and money on drivel.

    1. They are also very vulnerable to becoming mired in political correctness. And I don’t mean that in a good way…

  3. Apparently, the feds at the CDCandPrevention use TheCommerceClause in the constitution as their authority to ‘isolate and quarantine’ anybody they suspect of ________ (fill in the blank).

    One job.
    They have one job — keep epidemics away from me.
    I’ll let you know how they did sometime around this time next year.

    Could anybody declare a ‘health emergency’ as an excuse to detain freedom-lovers?
    With a short boxcar ride to the ‘quarantine camps’?
    And the required crematorium to dispose of the ‘disease-ridden’ evidence?
    Am I too paranoid?

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