Losing Yer Gun

I note this development in Virginia with interest:

Virginia lawmakers on Monday rejected another gun control bill that was proposed by Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam. The Senate Judiciary Committee rejected Northam’s bill that would make it a felony to “recklessly leave a loaded, unsecured firearm” in a way that endangers a minor.
“This bill will keep children safe from loaded, unsecured firearms. Like Gov. Northam’s other commonsense gun safety measures, it is something that everyone — including responsible gun owners — should support,” said Northam’s spokesman, Alena Yarmosky.

Of course, having that law in place would mean that assholes like this guy would get thrown in jail, yes?

Man found gun left by David Cameron’s bodyguard and the former PM’s passport in plane toilet

Of course, the “asshole” I’m referring to is not the guy who found the gun, but the so-called “bodyguard” who left the thing in the toilet.  (And by the way, for “making a fuss”, the finder  was almost tossed off the plane when it should have been the gormless bodyguard tossed out at 25,000 feet, as any fule kno.)

Makes me wonder, though:  the flight was going from NYFC to London.  I’m wondering what I would have done if I’d been on the flight and found a random Glock and Tony “Oily Heap of Shit” Blair’s passport in the bog when I went in.

Well, the second one’s easy:  I’d have flushed Blair’s passport down the toilet, just for spite.  The next dilemma is not so easy:  would I have just kept the gun hidden in my backpack until the flight landed, then handed it in?  With the passport gone, they’d never have found out who had the gun, or even if the Glock had been left in the bathroom.  OR (fun thought) I could have unloaded and cleared the Glock, then flushed the gun and the mag as well as  the passport?  Cat, meet pigeons.

Discuss in Comments.

Oh, and bravo to the VA Senate.  Keep it up.


  1. What’s truly disappointing about the Cameron story is that the bodyguard should have offered his resignation, yet there is no mention of this. Anyone can make a mistake. Anyone can make a big mistake. But it’s the willingness to take responsibility for mistakes that differentiates people.

  2. I don’t mind Cameron having an incompetent bodyguard..

    But I think flushing both the passport, and the magazine and slide would have been fine…Getting the frame down the toilet would have been a challenge.

    Don’t forget to wipe them down as you drop them in.

  3. Is it just me or does anyone else get a case of the red ass upon seeing or hearing the word “commonsense” as a descriptor of gun laws?

    And I vote for flushing passport and gun parts, although it might be rough on the facilities.

    1. Me too, big time. That and “reasonable”. Those turds ignore that “shall not be infringed” is an imperative.
      Blame it partially on the NEA, who decided English is whatever the speaker decides it is.
      I was taught that “shall” was an imperative as opposed to “will”, which implied desired but not ironclad.

  4. A local Sheriff (of the elected kind) here in the Wild Wild West, left her gun in the lady’s room…….and got re-elected by her constituents.
    Truly Stupid Voters.

  5. If you turned it in, the police would arrest you. Keep the passport and you might have a chance.

    1. Absolutely! There was a case a few years back of a child that found a gun on the way to school, took it with him and got in trouble for the Zero Sense in Adults rule, for touching it vs leaving it for some less responsible elementary school pupil to find and get in the news in a more Leftist-favorable way.
      Keep the passport, flush the pin, and scare the Flight Attendants by asking to go to confer with Blair in First Class.

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